Improve your organisation's agility

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Does this sound familiar?

Your time-to-market is too long

You aim to swiftly release new products or services on short terms and with iterative deliveries.

You have a lot of ad hoc decision making

You want to take decisions based on the highest added value for your business.

You have siloed departments

You aspire to cultivate self-organising teams that take accountability for their actions.

A methodology to improve your organisation's agility

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47% of all agile transformations fail. The main reason for this high failure rate is the focus on only one of the three critical pillars of change: agile mindset, framework or business agility.

This means the transformation to become a more agile company is not without its challenges. To help you conquer these challenges, we developed a methodology that improves your organisation’s agility.


Envision & pilot


Full rollout


In this phase, the focus is on understanding your organisation, business model and strategy. We validate and confirm the "why" that triggered the need for an agile transformation and define the goals, expected benefits and ambition for the agile transformation.

Envision & pilot

This phase includes an in-depth analysis of the “as is”-situation. We identify improvement areas and quick wins, make an initial plan to try out improvements and get hands-on right away by implementing a pilot. The focus here is mostly on the process.


We take the learnings from the pilot into account in different contexts and then scale-up the implementation to a larger part of the organisation. We develop a standardised approach for a full rollout in multiple areas: HR, legal, sales, delivery, customer service, etc.

Full rollout

In the final phase, we implement the agile transformation within the entire organisation and fully embed the agile way of working into organisational processes. We reinforce agile best practices, so your organisation becomes self-reliant and self-improving.

How we can help

To put our methodology into practice, we have several hands-on methods and tools that help you take steps
in assessing your digital maturity.

Agile Maturity Report

Our Agile Maturity Report serves as a measure of your performance and readiness to embrace agile practices. It helps define areas of strength and weakness, providing valuable insights into where enhancements are needed. 

Workshops &

Throughout the entire journey, we facilitate workshops and 1-on-1 sessions covering various topics and domains. These sessions are designed to assist key stakeholders in successfully transforming to a more agile mindset.

Pilot Project

We implement a pilot program in a specific, well-defined segment of the organisation. During this pilot, we conduct regular checks on change and agile related topics to measure progress and foster continuous learning. Based on the learnings, we create a list of critical success factors for next phases.

Feedback Sessions

We’ll hold surveys and act upon topics with a low survey score, organise meetings with focus on improvement ideas and concerns of people and plan information sessions to create a common understanding of the vision and to share progress and upcoming actions.

Internal Communication

The entire organisation needs to understand the value of agile transformation in order to benefit from the rewards of achieving true organisational agility. Before and during the project, we’ll work closely with your (internal) communications teams to realise that.

Train & Self-Sustain

We focus on onboarding, training, and coaching your teams in new Agile roles, empowering your organisation to continue improving autonomously over time.

What’s in it for you?

Frameworks, plans, tools… they are nice to have, but in the end it’s the results that matter. So, what’s in it for you? What can your organisation expect?

Reduced go-to-market time

Agile companies have a significantly lower go-to-market time. This allows you to successfully capitalise on opportunities in a fast changing environment.

Better insights

An agile method allows you to have better insights due to higher transparency, feedback integration and quality control.

Improved predictability

With increased visibility and a higher confidence that committed deadlines will be met, projects run smoother.

Continuous improvement

Agile methodologies foster an open culture of idea exchange and collaboration which allows team members to learn from shared experiences and improve together.

Why AE? What makes us different?

A true end-to-end partner

AE uniquely combines expertise from various domains in both technology and business, making us an end-to-end partner capable of providing advice as well as implementation support.

Co-thinking & co-creation

Co-thinking and co-creating with your teams are at the centre of our approach. We take your strategy to heart, deliver up to promises and make ourselves replaceable. Together, we turn your challenges into opportunities.

Framework agnostic

We cherry-pick from frameworks, best practices and experiences, resulting in a custom setup, tailored to your context.

Business driven step-by-step approach

Our focus is not on technology, but on your business. We gain trust by proving the viability and effectiveness of our approach via a pilot, before we do a further rollout.

A proven track record

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and have the track record to prove it. We build on our expertise and lessons learned from earlier projects.

A focus on people & learning

At AE, we acknowledge the value of people. When joining your organisation, we will bring this mindset and strong learning culture to your teams.

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