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Does this sound familiar?

90% of all unstructured data is dark data

Organisations collect, process, and store a lot of data, but ultimately neglect to utilize it.

25% of decision makers say it takes months to get analytics help from IT

Business departments lack the autonomy to start exploring data from the moment data is generated.

Data professionals only spend 14% of their time on analysis

Data professionals only spend 14% of their time on analysis.

 Our vision on a modern data platform

Modern data platforms are the robust foundation to unlock the true potential of data. These platforms have 4 important tasks to do: ingesting data from different data sources, processing the collected data in a timely and correct way, storing all data in an appropriate format, and making sure that consumers can start using this data.

We build our data platform using a modular design: as technologies evolve, it must be possible to swap components within the platform. We believe that good software engineering practices lead to better data platforms, so we apply them where possible. A well-designed and pragmatic data management framework provides the foundation to effectively organise and utilise all data within the platform. 

What’s in it for you?

Frameworks, plans, tools… they are nice to have, but in the end it’s the results that matter. So, what’s in it for you? What can your organisation expect?

Reduced time to data insights

Better data insights allow for more informed and faster decisions. You can discover new opportunities, trends and potential problems faster and gain a competitive advantage.

Empowerment of your teams

Increased self-service abilities will let your business teams use relevant data in a tool of choice, so they can create data value. Next to that, you can free up IT resources for more complex tasks.

Productise your data

With improved data access and better data governance, you’ll be able to build data products easier and faster. By monetizing data sets, you can create new revenue streams.

Automate your work

We try to avoid manual interventions to guarantee data quality, the ability to deliver data insights immediately and guarantee scalability in the future.
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Want to know what we can help you with?

Read about our efforts to streamline the data strategy at building materials wholesaler Lecot.

How we can help

To help you move towards a modern data platform, we use a three-step approach.

Think: Tailoring our solution to your needs

Build: Realising the data platform & proving business value

Run: Making the platform a success

Think: Tailoring our solution to your needs

We conduct qualitative interviews with stakeholders and project sponsors. This gives us insights in concrete business needs and helps us to finalise the target architecture.

Build: Realising the data platform & proving business value

We use our platform accelerators to implement a data platform tailored to your needs. We implement real business cases to prove the platform’s added value.

Run: Making the platform a success

We make sure that the platform adaptation within your teams becomes a success. We guide your teams and make sure that the platform runs smoothly.    

What about technologies?

We pick our technologies based on your specific needs and your current situation.
What can your organisation expect?

Cloud-native technologies  

We leverage the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing to build your data platform. We can build your platform in a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Security first

Our data platform implements robust security measures to safeguard all datasets: granular access controls and comprehensive monitoring. We help to comply with GDPR.  

Strong partnerships

We leverage our partnerships to unlock the full potential of our used technologies and platforms. Our specialists follow trainings and certifications to continuously improve their knowledge.

Why AE? What makes us different?

A true end-to-end partner

AE combines expertise in both technology (data, AI, architecture, cloud, devops, software engineering) and business (data governance, change management). We can help you from concept, over design to implementation. 

Fast & flexible delivery

We use fast & flexible delivery models, relying on automated value chains and pre-built but easily adaptable platforms. This allows us to accelerate the design and implementation of your data architecture and data products.

Always business-first

We start from a reference architecture and existing building blocks to create ROI quickly.  We prove the viability and effectiveness of the data platform by building a new data product and validating the results with stakeholders before a further roll-out.

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