Streamline & secure your software delivery process

Improve your software delivery performance


Does this sound familiar?

Your IT-department is slowing down business initiatives

You want to streamline your software delivery to maintain pace with business demands and drive sustainable success.

You can't adapt quickly because IT is too complex

You want to simplify your IT processes to foster efficiency and agility.

Your software release process is inflexible

You want a more agile approach that allows more adaptability and enables rapid deployment.

A methodology to streamline & secure your software delivery process

Traening Day 2022-118

By adopting agile for software development and delivery, 64% of the companies witnessed increased capability to manage changing priorities efficiently.

We use a clear methodology to help you continuously and gradually improve your software delivery process and achieve a measurable increase in quality, reliability and security of your software development and delivery.





We start with an assessment, in which we will conduct interviews with different internal stakeholders and explore your current software delivery process. This results in an overview of your organisation's current IT capabilties, recommendations on how to improve and a roadmap to prioritise the recommendations towards a more streamlined and secure process.


Next, we will proceed with a pilot, where we will implement the changes within a single team or project to prove that there is a real business value. When successful, we move to a further roll-out across the organisation


Together, we do a full implementation, following the roadmap. We use a battle-tested approach, based on the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) framework to, step-by-step, embed a process of continuous improvement into your software delivery process.

How we can help

To put our methodology into practice, we have several hands-on services and tools that help you gain inspiration
and take steps in optimising your software delivery process.

DORA Framework Assessment

We utilise the DORA framework as the basis for our assessment because it provides us with a statistically validated and structured approach to evaluate your current IT capabilities.

Developer Experience

We will evaluate certain aspects of the overall "Developer Experience", including whether team members have sufficient opportunities to work in a state of "flow", the speed and quality of feedback loops, and the alignment of the current team structure with overall communication flows.

Maturity Model

We will gain fundamental insights into your organisation’s SDLC maturity, based on a common set of capabilities (DORA & AE-expertise). As a result, we can evaluate areas where capabilities are lacking and require improvement to further optimise the overall software delivery process.

Improvement Roadmap

We will design a roadmap that indicates a prioritised sequence of actions’s built on insights from the assessment and our expertise in software delivery. It's the blueprint for the journey ahead.

Progress metrics

As part of the roadmap, we define several progress metrics. These can differ from project to project based on business objectives and maturity. These metrics allow to monitor whether actual progress is being made.

What’s in it for you?

Frameworks, plans, tools… those are nice to have, but in the end it’s the results that matter. So, what’s in it for you? What can your organisation expect?

Faster time to market

An improved Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) contributes to a faster time to market for products and services. By streamlining processes, reducing bottlenecks and enhancing collaboration, you can expedite the delivery of high-quality solutions, gaining a competitive edge.

Improved business & IT alignment

By optimising your IT capabilities and overall developer experience we help you bridge the gap between business goals and technical implementations.

Better customer experience

We can help you enhance your customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, by delivering more qualitative products and services and being able to address potential customer issues more quickly.

Why AE? What makes us different?

An end-to-end solution

We offer assessments, advice and coaching but our involvement extends beyond that phase. We like to identify real opportunities that offer value through pilot projects and help you further along the way during the implementation phase.

in depth
& breadth

Both our in-depth as our breadth of expertise in software delivery can help us go beyond what others have to offer.

More than just technology

We prefer to position ourselves on the crossroads between technology, business, and people. That gives us a broader view on digital maturity and a better understanding of its impact, not just on technology, but on the business processes, the organisational structure, and the people.

Always business-first

It’s always business first. In our assessments and in our advice. We’ll always keep your business goals in mind when we look at your software delivery process. Because in the end, it’s not about technology. It’s all about tangible results for your business.

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