Re-architect your enterprise landscape

Future-proofing your business today


Does this sound familiar?

Your IT environment no longer matches your business requirements

You want to align your business and IT landscape to meet new or evolving business demands.

IT solutions are outdated or no longer supported

You require technology updates to keep operations efficient and secure.

After a M&A, the integration of your enterprise landscape is essential

After a merger or acquisition, you expect a quick integration towards a solid and future-proof business- and IT landscape.

A methodology to re-architect your enterprise landscape

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To assist you in re-architecting your enterprise landscape, we implement appropriate changes in processes, organisation and technology to accomplish your business goals.

Defining the change areas

Elaborate your future state

Determine an actionable roadmap

Defining the change areas

We start high-level by getting a common understanding of your business strategy, mapping your current state and developing a view on opportunities and challenges. With that information we move to your preferred future state. We define change areas and conduct an impact analysis, so you know which technology, processes and people will be affected by the changes.

Elaborate your future state

In this phase, we dig deeper into your preferred future state. We take an in-depth look at the affected processes, people, hardware, software, and infrastructure. Through comprehensive evaluation, we determine the effectiveness of existing technologies and identify potential risks before we make a detailed design of your future state.

Determine an actionable roadmap

In this last phase, we compile all required changes into a roadmap. This is a detailed breakdown of work packages or tasks involved in the re-architecting process, including an explanation of how these contribute to achieving the overall roadmap. Moreover, we conduct an assessment of the governance and change management strategies required to transition from the current to the target state.

How we can help

To put our methodology into practice, we have several hands-on methods and tools that help you take steps
to re-architect your enterprise landscape.

& Workshops

Via qualitative interviews with stakeholders, we gain insights in specific challenges and needs. Workshops help align everyone on the plan and goals and can also facilitate knowledge transfer.

Capability Map 

With a capability map, we offer insights in the maturity of your most important business and IT capabilities. By mapping this with your target state, you can identify the domains that are performing well and those that require attention and/or investment.

Reference IT Architecture

Based on our “just enough architecture” approach, we design a reference IT architecture that serves as a blueprint for your transformation project.

& Change Management Guidelines

These guidelines serve as a basis to ensure efficient decision-making and accountability, facilitating smooth transitions and mitigating disruptions within your organisation.

Implementation Roadmap

Our maturity change plan outlines a structured approach to advancement in specific areas, aiming to enhance your effectiveness, efficiency, and resilience over time.

What’s in it for you?

Frameworks, plans, tools… they are nice to have, but in the end it’s the results that matter. So, what’s in it for you? What can your organisation expect?

We’re in this together

We believe in a collaborative way of working, especially when strategy is involved. You know your organisation, we bring in our expertise and best practices from earlier projects to guide you. The combination works wonders.

Increased revenue & reduced costs

A strategy that is translated into concrete actions results in an increase in revenue and/or a reduction of costs. The increase in revenue may stem from growth or new business opportunities, while the reduction in costs can be achieved through increased efficiency.

Our approach, your way

We have a clear methodology, yet we remain flexible in the way we work together. With experience in various delivery and business models, as well as a wide range of technologies, we are equipped to adapt to diverse needs.

Why AE? What makes us different?

Always business-first

Business comes first, every step of the way. We always keep your business goals in mind when crafting your strategy because, in the end, it’s all about delivering the tangible results you desire.

More than just technology

Sitting at the crossroads between technology, business, and people enables us to consider more than just technology. Our expertise extends to supporting the organisational and human aspects of transitioning to a new enterprise landscape.

A true end-to-end partner

Our organisation boasts a wide range of skill sets, making us a true end-to-end partner that can assess your current landscape, help design your new enterprise landscape, and assist in the implementation and roll-out.

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