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SD Worx

 Within a remarkably short timeframe, AE developed the cutting-edge SmartOCR application for SD Worx's legal knowledge center. The team 'sector regulations' at Belgium's largest payroll service provider experienced remarkable results, with productivity soaring by nearly 40%. The synergistic blend of AI technology and human expertise proved to be a resounding success.





SD Worx, the largest payroll service provider in Belgium, faced a significant challenge in their legal knowledge center. Processing 3,000 Collective Labor Agreements (CLAs) and analyzing the complex changes within them was a demanding task. With each CLA having its unique layout, structure, fonts, and often being provided in non-digitally friendly formats, the need for accurate and timely information entry was crucial. SD Worx committed to sharing each CLA with its customers just two days after receipt, requiring efficient legal analysis and data processing.


To address these challenges, SD Worx turned to AE, a trusted partner in document automation. AE's Adapt and Enable approach proved innovative and effective.

The specialists at AE took the time to understand the intricacies of SD Worx's CLA workflow, timing requirements, and customer expectations. Through intensive consultation and collaboration, AE developed a customized document automation solution tailored to SD Worx's specific needs.





The result of this collaboration was SmartOCR, the most intuitive tool ever developed for SD Worx. SmartOCR leverages AI technology to process CLAs faster than ever before. It accurately recognizes text, language, and document structure in any PDF, eliminating unnecessary information and converting the text into an editable format based on legal hierarchy. With a simple click, the flawlessly extracted text and coding can be seamlessly transferred to SD Worx's publishing tool.


The implementation of SmartOCR had a profound impact on SD Worx's productivity. The tool significantly improved the team's performance, leading to a remarkable increase of almost 40% in productivity. The built-in machine learning capabilities continue to enhance performance 
over time. As part of the future-proof solution, SD Worx benefits from a maintenance contract, ensuring ongoing support and the opportunity to implement further improvements.







Productivity boost

SD Worx achieved an impressive productivity improvement of nearly 40%.


Future-Proof solution

SD Worx now benefits from a future-proof document automation solution with built-in machine learning capabilities.


Efficiency Unleashed

ESmartOCR's AI-powered capabilities enabled SDWorx to process CLAs faster than ever before.

How our think-build-run approach made the difference

At AE Studio remains committed to SD Worx even after the successful delivery of the all-in-one solution. The integrated approach, combining technology, software engineering, and intuitive user experience, allows for continuous collaboration and the ability to make enhancements based on SD Worx's evolving needs. The future-proof solution continues to evolve, driven by AE Studio's commitment to improving processes and enhancing user experiences.


Services provided

Document automation CLA processing Machine learning Efficiency
Productivity improvement AI technology Customized solution Legal knowledge center
Speed Accuracy Seamless integration Future-proof SmartOCR

About the team

Filip Scheir  (1)

Filip Scheir

(Proxy) Product Owner /

Functional analyst / UI

Wouter M zwart wit

Wouter Mertens

Delivery manager

Quinten De Blust (1)

Quinten De Blust

Scrum Master /

Functional analyst

Lukas DP zwart wit

Lukas Depoortere

Data scientist

Karel K zwart wit

Karel Symoens

Data scientist

Brent W zwart wit

Brent Willems

Full stack developer

Pieter V zwart wit (2)

Pieter Verlinden

Full stack developer

Wouter S zwart wit (1)

Wouter Seyen

Tech architect

Johan M Wwart Wit

Johan Moons 

Delivery manager