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Accelerate your data intelligence


We hate manual work too.
That's why adoreadore white automates it for you.


Increase the automation of your repetitive tasks by implementing our AI powered data intelligence engine. With ADORE, your team is up and running in no time, providing an enhanced experience with Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision.


Tackle your data intelligence challenges


Customer Care

Identify the issues from incoming mails and service requests and suggest the best possible solutions based on your historical data. This will drastically reduce repetitive work for your customer service agents, even up to 80%.

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GDPR Cleaning

Recognize and remove the sensitive elements in your data to make your data cleaning compliant with the GDPR legislation.

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Document Handling

Translate your unstructured data to structured formats. Document handling will drastically reduce repetitive work and manual errors.

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ADORE uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision models to automate repetitive tasks in handling customer service requests and processing complex documents.

A collaboration between Human and AI systems provides you the necessary flexibility and scalability.


State of the art AI

State-of-the-art AI

Using state-of-the-art AI models, we are capable of analyzing new challenges instantly with high accuracy.

Fast Integration

Fast Integration

We link your existing platforms and integrate any other application with ADORE through robust and extensive APIs.

Analytics & Reporting

Tailored Automation

We derive actionable insights from your data. By automating these insights we increase your efficiency and improve your employee satisfaction.

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