Public services generally don’t have the best reputation when it comes to providing top-notch customer experience.
VDAB is one of the first Belgian public service providers to acknowledge this AND do something about it.

10% increase in customer satisfaction


We noticed some quick wins right out the gate. One project focused on VDAB’s training service and gained 10% in satisfaction rates almost instantly.

60 employees received training


Improving the internal capability to deliver this experience, now and in
the future, was key to guarantee a durable
result for the organization
as a whole

8/10 satisfaction rating 


Almost 80% of the employees that received the CX training, rated it 8/10 or higher.



Making customer experience a common goal

Two consultant behind their pc




As a Flemish government agency, VDAB’s mission is to create sustainable employment in Flanders. VDAB believed it could achieve its goals faster by putting more focus on creating class-leading customer experiences.

If employers and employees could find each other better through faster and smoother customer journeys, this would result in a more effective and accelerated process of job seekers becoming employees.

On the path to transforming itself into a customer-centric organization, VDAB consulted AE to help define CX objectives, steer a project team and implement a clear governance, with full support of upper management. The end goal was clear: to anchor customer experience as a key part of VDAB’s mission.



Mapping, envisioning and creating sustainable change

A mixed project team of VDAB staff members and AE consultants was set up to tackle the challenge. “Klanten Voorop” (“Customers First”) served as a new leitmotiv - a powerful “why” - and after an initial assessment, the project team set out to create an organization-wide a customer experience Transformation in three main domains: organization, way of working and customer understanding.


Two people writing and indicating a customer project

For each of these domains, clear deliverables were defined, and steps were made to ensure the internal capability to deliver this experience, now and in the future.



Delivering better and sooner through innovation

Happy colleague smiling



A tailor-made CX maturity model helped monitor the switch in Customer experience-centered mindset. We used coaching and -training to upskill employees and make them self-sufficient.

We created employee buy-in by firmly anchoring CX-methodologies and stimulating internal stakeholders to take the lead.


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