To manage Randstad Group’s HR processes, the organization uses a large number of tools and applications. To ensure that these digital tools will continue to facilitate HR operations and strategic projects in the future, Randstad Group called on AE to help futureproof their digital HR landscape.

A clear roadmap 


The report doubles as both a current-state snapshot andstrategic digital transformation roadmap 



Randstad received recommendations for efficient processes and future-oriented tooling

Beyond theory 


Recommendations are not merely theoretical and include concrete quick wins 



Is what we're doing futureproof?  

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‘Striving for perfection’ is one of Randstad Group’s primary values. They don’t claim to achieve perfection, but do aim for this ‘continuous improvement’ mindset. And that ambition certainly rings true for the HR department of this world-renowned group of HR service providers. Randstad Group’s CHRO wanted to set the bar as high as he could: “Our approach to our own HR services must be exemplary”, was the leitmotiv. 

AE was tasked with the mission to build a neutral, external view on the group’s digital HR landscape and to receive recommendations for efficient processes and future-oriented tooling. The ambition was clear: to offer every Randstad Group employee a streamlined end-to-end HR experience. From the onboarding of new colleagues to talent management: all these processes had to go hand in hand with the digital tools that are used.



Towards an optimal user experience 

Next to a large number of stakeholder interviews, AE organized an employee journey workshop and conducted heuristic usability evaluations for all our digital HR tools. The results enabled Randstad to find out whether their employees’ experience is what it should be and whether their digital HR world is logically structured.

At the end of the audit, AE delivered a clear report with specific conclusions and recommendations to strengthen the full HR capability of Randstad Group and to facilitate their strategic HR projects.




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The report serves as a current-state snapshot as well as a strategic roadmap for the further digital transformation and innovation of the group’s HR services.