After the merger between Infrax and Eandis, Fluvius called on AE’s expertise to help with its Enterprise Transformation.
Our mission: to help shape the new business architecture in cocreation with Fluvius, thus facilitating its transformation
to one unified company.

New business strategy 


Our experts translated the
new strategy into the transformation plans of the individual departments.




Thanks to the plan, we're future-proofing the newly founded company and securing significant savings. 

Long-term vision  

Our team worked out a digital strategy as well as an agile plan to face the many changes the future brings.



New business architecture around the corner




Fluvius' main mission is distributing electricity and gas to individuals, companies and local administrations, as well as providing them with other public facilities such as heat networks and telecom. 

Initially, Eandis contacted us in the context of the Central Market System (Atrias CMS) and the implementation of the accompanying new market process and communication standards (MIG6). After the merger with Infrax, Eandis 

once again called on our expertise to help Fluvius with its Enterprise Transformation. The mission:
shaping the new business architecture in cocreation with Fluvius, thus facilitating its transformation to one unified company.



Transformation with a long-term vision

A team of business architects made sure the strategy is properly translated into the transformation plans of the individual departments, securing significant savings for
the newly founded company as well as future proofing it.

The team is tasked with helping each department to develop a long-term vision, providing support in creating processes and systems and in setting up the right organizational structure.



Aligning these visions with Fluvius’ broader company strategy enables the business to better frame and evaluate future projects in terms of how they fit into the predetermined strategy and what it aims to achieve.



Embarking on a transformation journey




Obviously, a merger brings about a lot of changes, not in the least because of each company’s singularity in terms of organizational management. Thus, finding the best match in terms of methodology and approach was one
of the main challenges the team of business architects faced. And though embarking on a transformation journey is never easy, Fluvius’ trajectory is even more complicated due to
other important projects that require attention. 

There’s the MIG6 project and the preparations for introducing digital meters in Flanders, as well as Fluvius’ evolution towards a more client-centered approach which involves a transformation of the current business processes. AE colleagues are involved in these projects
as well, primarily as business and functional analysts.

"Right from the get-go, our relationship with the AE consultants has been excellent. We work in cocreation, where AE keeps a good balance between introducing their expertise and knowledge, and respecting what we have built up. Listening, understanding, gaining insights and responding flexibly to our needs: these are just some of the things that characterize AE’s approach. Thanks to their collaborative attitude, the consultants have become full members of our business architecture team."