Our client is a financial services provider belonging to a leading international bank-insurance organisation, operating in the Belgian market. They made a conscious decision to focus on a new, unique customer experience and AE was tasked with the mission to guide this change towards more customer centricity. To be more specific, we started a pioneering project in one of the most active market segments of that service provider: home loans.

Omni-channel approach 


Every touchpoint was taken into account to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty 

New way of thinking

Our way of working has gradually become "the standard" for 
future projects.

A seamless new journey 

Through co-creation, we built a seamless experience for the users.



Improving CX for home loans  

People testing out the customer experience on a smart device



The financial services provider was looking for advice on two fronts. On the one hand, adding more personalization to their product offering, which is an important pillar in the digital transformation journey.

On the other, they aimed for a consistent and integrated omni-channel approach, to allow the end user to freely choose between online or offline channels in every step of the sales process.

Doing so required identifying the needs of the customers and their journey. We jointly thought about some key questions: Where does a customer get stuck when purchasing a house? Which
are his pains and gains? What’s the logical flow in the purchase process? Gradually, the idea arose to design a loan simulator that is customer-oriented rather than bank-oriented, relieving the customer from any friction.



Involving the user in the development

Designing a logical flow requires the support of the end customers. Therefore, we tested the prototype and the flow with real customers.
This approach had two advantages.

Number one being that the prototype could immediately be corrected with significant feedback from the end user. Secondly, the interaction with customers provided a more realistic view of the personas - the profiles
of the typical target customers that had been drawn up - which helped us to define them
more accurately.


Smiling people testing out the customer experience

In the next phase, we worked out an extensive prototype, for which the bank’s input was key.
Our flow was enriched with all the information a customer requires to make a realistic simulation. The result? A smart simulator providing users with clarity and guidance throughout
the entire process
, from the search for a house to the final purchase.



A new way of thinking




This project resulted in much more than just a customer centric simulator for home loans. Gradually, a new way of thinking emerged within the bank - it gradually became familiar with drawing up customer journeys and consistently thinking from the customer’s point of view.

This was an interesting project for both us and the bank. Working out a concept based on a clear customer-centric idea, which could be 

tested with customers as a prototype, and, applying lean start-up principles, evolve flexibly toward an valuable end product.