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Due to the developments of the Coronavirus, we have made the decision to cancel our annual Hackathon on 28 & 29 May. We are hugely disappointed, but are looking for a new date in the future. We will keep you posted! Meanwhile, stay safe.


Welcome to the AE Hackathon, 36 hours of unbridled innovation, great fun and boundless experimentation!


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Hackathon 2020

This year marks the 7th edition of the AE Hackathon, dubbed Bleeding Bytes. Experts the world over have put forth human augmentation as one of the major areas of technological innovation for 2020. Human augmentation refers to everything that enhances the human body and the human experience through technology. Physically and cognitively.

Bleeding Bytes

We’re getting ever more entangled with technology to the point where it is becoming more than just an extension of ourselves: technology gets connected to our bodies and our brains to broaden the scope of our human abilities. In essence, we are bleeding bytes.

During the AE Hackathon, we want to explore those exciting new avenues that innovative technology allows us to explore and to create those extra layers that can take the human body or human experience to the next level, through AI, AR, wearables, sensors and the like.


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Hackathon! What?

The AE Hackathon is a great opportunity for multidisciplinary teams of analysts, developers and product owners to explore new technologies, insights and business models, allowing them to provide answers to the increasingly complex challenges people, organizations and companies are facing today.

At the end of these intense two days, the teams with the best executed ideas get to walk home with one of our coveted Hackathon awards, selected by a jury of experts and voted on by the audience attending our closing event.

You can take part in the Hackathon by registering for one of the following three tracks:


Business Track

Your team focuses on creating an innovative business model or business concept and delivering a first visualization that brings your idea to life.

Technology Track

Go crazy experimenting with new technologies you’re dying to explore. You come up with a business case for your idea and go on to build a strong technological demo that does the trick.

Business/Tech Combi

If you want to go all out and combine a great new business concept with innovative tech, then this is the track for your team.

about previous Hackathon stories?

Hackathon Stories

We organize the AE Hackathon to boost innovation, at AE and at our customers. Participating in the event can lead to wonderful results. Last year's stories were no exception: we collected them in our Hackathon 2019 e-book.

Download the E-book

Hackathon Stories 2019 E-book


Companies who have joined us in previous AE Hackathons: