AE Hackathon 2019: See/d the Future

May 16-17 \\ 36 hours of innovation

See the future from a whole new perspective

What if we could look at today’s challenges from a new perspective and build solutions towards a better future? That’s what the focus of this year’s AE Hackathon is all about: harnessing the power of the newest technologies to build products and services that really make a difference.

A Hackathon is about experimenting with new tech, exploring new business models and building prototypes and mock-ups for tools that may propel your business into bold new directions. That business has not only become ever more digital. Going forward, the world in which your business will operate will also become increasingly virtual. Developments in AI, AR, VR will allow you to add new layers to your interactions with others – be they people or companies. And that in turn will open up a range of opportunities you previously hadn’t deemed possible.

Join our AE Hackathon to seed those new opportunities for your business and to see the future from a whole new perspective.

The AE Hackathon is supported by Seth & Dunn, our hub for innovation.

How does the AE Hackathon work?

The AE Hackathon is a great opportunity for multidisciplinary teams of analysts, developers and product owners to explore new technologies, insights and business models, allowing them to provide answers to the increasingly complex challenges people, organizations and companies are facing today.

At the end of these intense two days, the teams with the best executed ideas get to walk home with our coveted AE Hackathon awards: one for best business idea, and one for best technically executed idea.

Why we organize the AE Hackathon

We organize the AE Hackathon to boost innovation, at AE and at our customers. Participating in the event can lead to wonderful results. Last year's stories were no exception: from defining a customer journey for grieving people to an application that encourages you to collect karma points and to become a local hero. Curious about similar stories from last year? Please find the complete series of 2018 here.

See it for yourself

Have a look at the aftermovie of our 2018 edition to get a feel for the AE Hackathon vibe.


 Join us for our closing event

You can find out exactly what exciting new ideas all of these teams have come up with first-hand by registering for our Closing Event on May 17.

As an attendee, you’ll get to see each of the teams pitch their results, talk to them in-depth about their approach AND decide which team gets to take home our coveted AE Hackathon Audience Award.

Location: AE, Interleuvenlaan 74, 3001 Heverlee


  • 16:30: Reception
  • 17:00: Closing Event Kick-Off
  • 17:15: Team Pitches
  • 18:15: Visit the team booths
  • 19:30: Announcement of the AE Hackathon 2019 winners
  • 19:45 – 20:30: Networking & drinks

VIP Tour: Experience the vibe live!

As an extra this year, we're offering a limited number of tickets for a special VIP Tour prior to the start of our closing event. The VIP Tour is organised by our innovation brand, Seth & Dunn.  

Are you interested to get some insights in the organization of our yearly Hackathon? To get inspired by the participating teams? Or want to know how our people at Seth & Dunn help the various Hackathon teams to structure their hacking process? Then join our VIP tour where we walk you through the different team booths and explain our Hackathon concept.

Final stop on the tour is the Seth & Dunn coaching booth where we'll explain the approach we use to structure the teams’ hacking process and how we help structure innovation at AE and at our customers.

Our VIP Tour is on May 17, from 15h00 to 16h00.

Register for the AE Hackathon 2019 Closing Event & VIP Tour