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November Newsletters Financial Services

Traditionally, fall is a quite interesting period to get inspired at many conferences. So it was for AE Financial Services. We organized ourselves a Foyer around innovation and went out to grasp new ideas, technological development and interesting contacts at Supernova, Digital Finance Europe,  Fintech Belgium Summit, …

Looking back, it’s particularly the search for authenticity, for human relevance in this digital world, that sticks. We have summarized this for you in a few remarkable quotes and link these to our own innovation approach.

Furthermore we happily share how we have helped one of our clients with the launch a new product by combining existing CRM data with open data and got them to sell more effectively and identify new distribution points.

Most of the world will make decisions by either guessing or using their gut. They will be either lucky or wrong.” Suhail Doshi, CEO Mixpanel

The power of data goes way further than gaining insights on the behaviour and needs of clients. Over the past months, our AE data experts have worked on concrete use cases around topics like the battle for talent, operational excellence and innovation. Interested ? Don’t hesitate and register for our Winterfoyer around Analytics on December 11.

Looking forward to welcome you there.

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The AE Financial Services team 

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Reinventing Knowledge sharing: Our Crypto Currency Competition

Acquiring and sharing knowledge within an organization is very important in today's competitive world. At AE we applied a new, creative way for knowledge sharing within our financial service community: our in-house crypto competition.

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Human Relevance and authenticity in a Digital World.

Looking back at the various conferences we attended this autumn, the search for authenticity and human relevance was one of the returning key thoughts. In this post, we summarise this quest for human relevance in a digital world in a few striking quotes from Seth Godin at Supernova.

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Introducing: AE Brand Seth & Dunn

The foyer of October 25th marked an important milestone for us. On that day, our new AE brand Seth & Dunn was born.

The name does not sound coincidentally as Said and Done; we strongly believe that innovation is not just something to talk about, but especially to do it effectively.

We are proud to present you our new brand. No oneis better placed than our Innovation Lead, Hans Robben, to tell us all about it.


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AE Foyer December: Creating Business value through Data Analytics

Analytics have become indispensable in a personalised marketing strategy. Convinced of the value of data and the insights it can bring, our customer relied on us for the launch of a completely new product. 

Did reading this case convinced you that Analytics helps companies creating business value? We kindly invite you to our last Foyer of 2018. We'll share our knowledge and expertise based on real customer cases.

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