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Become a Data-driven Smart Manufacturer

With kuori e-scaler, an intelligent next-gen microservices platform, we promise you a fast track to further optimize and automate your factory, without a huge upfront investment.

Start small, kuori e-scaler grows with you!

Manufacturing 4.0 = data-driven

kuori - Process Efficiency

Process Efficiency 

By tracing events and analyzing and combining data from numerous sources, one can use smart algorithms and machine learning to improve process efficiency.

kuori - Intelligent Maintenance

Intelligent Maintenance

Machine outages and breakdowns are costly and inefficient. But maintenance is time consuming and therefore costly itself. With the correct data and insights you can learn exactly when maintenance is needed.

kuori - Efficient use of raw materials

Efficient use of raw materials

Collecting data on the amount, the quality and the characteristics of raw materials can help you to create a competitive advantage and assure efficient use in the future.

kuori - End to end traceability

End-to-end Traceability

Customer satisfaction is key. Being able to answer all questions and handle complaints in a correct and timely manner is very important.


kuori is the Digital Platform for accessing, combining, storing, protecting, processing and enriching streams of data in real-time.

It integrates Machine Learning and smart algorithms and acts in real-time.

Intelligent Maintenance

Predict maintenance problems using all available data in your systems, and using artificial intelligence.

Find patterns in the behavior of machines that were not detectable before. Feed back into your ERP, MES or CRM systems.

Intelligent Maintenance Triangle

The power of the platform

kuori - Short time to market

Short Time to Market

Pick the ready-made components that you need to connect, store, process and publish your data and insights. With kuori your data platform is operational in a matter of days.

kuori - Reliable


Proven and industry standard components which are fit for purpose guarantee best in class reliability and availability. kuori meets the highest SLA's and security standards.

kuori - Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service

A managed service with high-standard service levels, guarantees 24/7 operations, monitoring and preventive maintenance so that you can focus on what your business makes a winner.

kuori - Scale with your needs

Scale with your needs

kuori runs on multi- and hybrid cloud infrastructures. Up- or down-scale dynamically as you need resources and take full control of the cost of your infrastructure.

kuori - Grow as you go

Grow as you go

kuori is an open platform and you can add data sources like legacy applications, new sensor data or internal and external API's at any moment. New processes or new AI-models can be plugged in easily at any moment.


kuori lets you integrate the world-class components available today and tomorrow with your current infrastructure.

Micro-services and containers make you cloud-provider independent so you can switch provider whenever you need and this in seconds.

kuori - Kubernetes kuori - docker kuori - AWS kuori - Google Cloud Platform kuori - Microsoft Azure

Cost Savings & Productivity Gains

kuori - Smart Factory

Smart Factory

kuori is a cornerstone for your smart factory. AI, machine learning, data science are seamlessly integrated in kuori. We offer training, maintenance and operations for the models that will be built specifically for you.

kuori - Digital Twin

Digital Twin

As we can collect all data – starting from your sensors, your ERP, your MES, … we are gradually building your factory’s digital twin. Not in one go, but gradually, based on your requirements and based on your priorities.


Our kuori e-scaler removes your burdens

Focus on business operations and not on complexity below the surface.

kuori - Make


We custom build and adapt kuori to your requirements so that it integrates seamlessly with your application and data landscape.

kuori - Maintain


We keep the platform up to date with the latest versions of every component and changes are made pro-actively. Security, GDPR and optimal resource usage are handled for you.

kuori - Monitor


We monitor the platform performance permanently. We prevent issues to occur and correct when needed.


Ready to unlock the power of your data? Let's discuss!