Business & Technology Trends in 2022

A taelk by Vincent Verstraete


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About the TAELK

Which technology trends were successful in 2021? What is digital transformation and will digital acceleration continue? Vincent takes you on a journey to present the newest trends and cases in ICT in 2022.

About the speakers


Vincent Verstraete is an experienced enterprise architect and digital strategist. With a broad knowledge of digital trends and technologies, he helps companies to integrate digital technologies into their business and IT strategy.

Vincent Verstraete AE TAELK

Who is it for?


This TAELK is ideally suited for:

  • Business Innovations managers

  • Digital business transformation managers

  • Senior managers, and leadership teams looking to innovate and grow in a fast-changing digital world

  • ICT technology experts & IT Professionals

  • Software Developers, ICT Managers

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