Analysts are the next creatives

A taelk by Seppe Wera


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About the TAELK

Creatives are the new athletes. That's a slogan you'll see printed on t-shirts and coffee mugs. It highlights the value creativity and design has in today's society. However, Seppe argues that another type of role can have a big impact too: analysts.

If you ever wondered how you, as an analyst, can influence the business and open your pandora's box of creativity, Seppe will show you how. Learn about the core of design and the steps to take to implement it.

About the speaker


Seppe Wera is a creative, hands-on designer. His passion is crafting solutions from concept to completion. With a background in sociology and graphic design, Seppe creates design for various clients daily.

He often sketches in his notebook and interacts with users in order to build great products and experiences. His talks are fast-paced, very honest and contain a million slides.

His favorite quote: "Whoop ass, look good."

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Who is it for?

This TAELK is ideally suited for: Analysts & larger corporations. Inspiring, intro-like talk.

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