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It's Innovation, stupid

Summer flies and is hopefully not yet a distant memory. At the dawn of the last quarter of this year, we would love to elaborate in this issue of our newsletter a topic which is omnipresent and, if you ask us, here to stay : innovation.

Belgian Mobile ID created with itsme® a solution heading to a major shift in identification in the mobile world. While banks were and still are their initial partners, the scope has always been much broader. Sven Rosiers, IT architect for AE clients in financial services, shares his insights on the itsme® application and its impact based on his concrete sector expertise.

Organizations can’t get around innovation and need to accept the fact that this will be a constant from now on. Discover how our team of innovation experts gained insights on how corporates in different sectors look at, feel about and deal with the need for innovation. You’ld get a glimps on our findings and are kindly invited to our Foyer on 25 October for a deep-dive on how to put ideas into action.

Regulatory changes often drive innovation. PSD2 is no different.  We’ve interviewed Johan Luyts, Integration expert within AE, about the impact of the PSD2 payment directive and the strategies banks can apply to turn this change into an opportunity.

Hackathons create an ideal breeding ground for innovation. In June 2018 the fifth edition of the AE Hackathon took place. In 36 hours 11 mixed teams, composed of AE colleagues, customers and prospects, took up the challenge to come up with an innovative idea and a minimum viable product. Find out all about the events, what the teams accomplished and which ones ran away with the prizes.      

Happy reading and looking forward to welcome you October 25th at our Foyer

The AE Financial Services team 

Identification in the mobile world: a closer look in Itsme

Identification in the mobile world: a closer look on itsme®

With its itsme® application, Belgian Mobile ID wants to simplify the way in which customers must make themselves known online. An important shift in the banking world, according to Sven Rosiers. We talked to him about the application and the impact it will have on financial players.

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The impact of PSD2 on the financial sector

The impact of PSD2 on the Financial sector

In 2019, financial players must be compliant with the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2). We spoke with Johan Luyts, Integration expert at AE, about the impact of the payment directive and on which strategies banks can use to turn change into an opportunity.

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Hackathon 2018:

Hackathon 2018: "Dream it, build it"

A major annual event for AE, the Hackathon developed into a full-fletched external platform where customer meets consultant.

The challenge? Collaborating to achieve innovative results in a mere 36 hours. The fifth edition of the Hackathon took place in June 2018.

In this series, you will meet all of our 11 participants!

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AE Foyer October: Putting Ideas into action

AE Foyer October: Putting ideas into action

Because the world has become increasingly complex, most companies have placed innovation and the strategic risks linked to it, on top of their executive agenda. 

We have interviewed a broad group of decision makers in the corporate world on the subject of innovation, and found a lot of commonalities.

We would love to welcome you at our next Foyer and demystify innovation together.

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