AE Foyers

Several times a year, we organize an AE Foyer to share knowledge and exchange thoughts with you on business and ICT challenges in today’s market. From customer-centricity and integration and API Management to the latest trends in front-end engineering, the best techniques for service design and much more.

2016 Foyers

The Challenge of Personalization

The Euroconsumers (known in Belgium by its Test-Aankoop brand) business model is evolving from an inside out model to one that is outside in and consumer-centric.

This requires an architecture built specifically to support consistent consumer journeys across various channels and touchpoints. An architecture, also, that generates added value for consumers with each interaction, tailored to their unique needs and, ideally, available 24/7.

Business Service Design

Today, every company is facing the challenge to deliver a superior customer experience. 

Needless to say that the organization as a whole i.e. every department, as well as its partners, will have to take part in designing and delivering business services. 
Even if the service is delivered through an app, and definitely when the service is delivered across multiple channels.

Analytics in Action

We take you on an analytics-driven journey through your entire organization. We bring you a story of Intelligent Decision Support in the Digital Age. Checking in with management at Boardroom Strategy, travelling with your employees from Hire to Retire going further to Operations. Finally, we take a trip down Marketing Lane and have exciting encounters with your customers on their journey with your company.

API Management: Unlock your Digital Services

APIs are a strategic architectural layer in the delivery of mobile applications, B2B relationships and integration of legacy services in multi-channel offerings. They are an integral part of your digital strategy. In this AE Foyer we provide the attendees with an overview of the possibilities and challenges that come with modern API development, delivery and API management. 

2015 Foyers

Embrace Your Customer, Get Digital

Building a profitable enterprise no longer depends only on finding the right product and setting the right price. We live in the age of the customer, who is well informed through the capabilities of the internet. Customer Experience has become an important element in doing good business. Companies will have to reinvent themselves in order to fully understand and serve their customers, employees and partners. Time to get started on building amazing experiences, aided by digital tools.

Trends in Front End Engineering

Application development today no longer follows the traditional rules that applied to the ICT architecture of the early days.   Modern application delivery requires a solid back end factory focusing on renewing the core and building webscale ready applications, and an API factory focusing on realizing, securing, publishing and running the digital services that are consumed by the frond end applications.

Information Management in the Digital Enterprise

We present an approach (The Long Dog Leash) and an architecture (a true Enterprise Data Hub – EDH) that both cater to the information needs of the Digital Enterprise. 
You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls, ensuring your next innovative project lives up to its potential.  An innovative and a core case are given side by side, showing the practical application of the approach.

SOA, Integration Architecture and API Management

Service Oriented Architecture is not a buzzword or a nice to have. It has become a mandatory approach to support modern businesses and new organizational structures. Your architecture must be ready to provide real value to your business users, partners and customers by aligning with their processes and streamlining their activities. Especially in today’s digital world and this on an organizational, project and architectural level. This makes SOA the foundation for your API management and a controlled outside-in strategy.


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