Human Relevance in a Digital World

No matter how much we digitise, computerise or automate, at the beginning and end of the value chain there are still actual people with real emotions and desires. That is why digitisation and robotisation increase the need for insight into the human psyche.

People still attach a great deal of importance to a few fundamental values:

  • By nature, people try to establish a rapport with other people, they want to be part of a community, … This explains why social networks are so successful.
  • People also want to stay in control. While being flooded with information, we still ask ourselves whether we are consulting the right information to be able to make a decision.
  • Doing business is still a matter of trusting the other party, in the services they offer and in how they treat us. The reason Blockchain is so popular right now is exactly because it inspires trust within a decentralised network of people.
  • People also value their privacy; we want to be sure our data will not be abused. We want to be certain they will only be used within the context we have agreed to.
  • People are always on the lookout for solutions to make their lives easier. These solutions range from digital assistants to robots that perform certain tasks for us.
  • People also want to realise their potential. How can we improve ourselves to be able to keep our jobs in the future, taking into account that 40 to 80% of jobs as they exist today are under threat?
  • And finally, people also want to give meaning to their lives: what is my purpose in the digital world?

From a human perspective, companies in the digital world face challenges both in terms of staff and customers.

No matter how automated the processes, every company needs good staff, whether they work directly for them or belong to a community of staff. How can a company continue to attract and motivate staff, how can they be used to best advantage, how can they help staff grow or go through the necessary changes so they can provide added value in a new way?

Customers have to trust a company. They may need a helping hand in crossing that digital threshold and companies have to keep them interested. Also, a company has to provide a satisfying customer experience and deliver a reliable customer service. This is the basis for building a long-term relationship with your customers and maybe even turning them into ambassadors.

At AE we work in autonomous teams within a network organisation. We are more than prepared to share our experiences with this new organisation model with our customers. We can also help companies find the ideal candidate using platforms such as Sk!lld and Compass. We also organise training programs and like to carry out our assignments through co-creation so there’s an element of change management to every project.

As for the customer experience, AE focuses on all aspects that enhance the human experience (user-centric design, gamification, …) and optimise human interaction (process simplification, customer behaviour analysis, digital marketing, legal compliance, …).

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