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Generally speaking, companies that have obtained a solid 'out-side in' view on their organization also have a profound understanding of the ecosystem they reside in.

These companies are aware of the value they deliver to customers through touchpoints, i.e. a combination of time, service, interface and emotion.

In the co-design phase of the co-creation process, the story mapping technique allows these types of organizations to connect with the outside world, improving the customer, partner & employee experience during service delivery.

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Why Story Mapping

The story mapping technique is used in a process where the main deliverable, a prioritized story map, is first drafted and validated. The goal of this process is to obtain a mutual understanding of the design of a new or existing service.
While the management of an organization wants to create value by providing a desirable service, users are more focused on the usability of the service and the service development team is mainly interested in the feasibility of the design.
In order to have a good view on the design of the service, the following 3 layers are taken into account, each of which is emphasised during a particular phase of the process:

  1. Behaviour (Story map, including employee journey)
  2. Information (Glossary, Information model)
  3. Structure (Wireframes, Impact map)

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The natural next step following Customer Journey Analysis

Customer journeys result in touchpoints and the associated services to be provided.  User Story Mapping  converts these touchpoints into organizational and application-related actions. It facilitates the collaboration between the different departments in the delivery of these services, including IT-related aspects.

Minimum Valuable Products serving the customer are delivered quickly and smoothly since every stakeholder contributes to their success from the very beginning.

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Requirements gathering & management

When new functionality is needed that crosses multiple departments, User Story Mapping excels in identifying the cross-departmental requirements.

This results in solutions which are supported by the different Business and IT stakeholders: priorities are jointly defined and solutions are delivered quickly and incrementally.

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“At Acerta, we used story mapping to get a quick and complete view on all of our project requirements and to prioritize them at the same time.

Story mapping allows for business to be fully involved in the process. It also fosters clear communications between business, IT and other stakeholders. This will no doubt provide us with a competitive advantage over time.”

- Dries De Moor, Business Owner, Acerta


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