Organisations are in constant flux. To safeguard their competitive advantage, they need to ensure their business strategy continuously responds to a changing environment. Allocating their often limited resources to the most promising projects and initiatives is generally considered one of the most difficult challenges. The solution lies in the aligning of IT objectives with business strategy.

Is your IT department currently not efficient enough to create and implement software that guarantees quality, market-fit and fast time-to-value? Software engineering is located at the very core of our offerings. It is inextricably linked to our DNA and is the operating base from which our organisation has been expanding for more than twenty years. We incorporate a tailored end-to-end approach, from 'ideation' to delivery.

Armed with a range of tools that have proven their worth, AE becomes a part of your company's success story. Given that we are living in agile times, we take the necessary action quickly to achieve enhanced maturity and deliverables, always keeping a close eye on the bigger picture. AE helps its clients at different levels by bringing key players with the right expertise to the team or by completely unburdening the team with a total approach whereby the design and development process is taken over by our software factory.

Software Factory

A multidisciplinary team with all necessary skills works out the project. All stakeholders involved are taken into account in an agile manner throughout the project cycle. The team will take care of the analysis, the design and the development of the solution, both on - site and off - site.

Customer Focused

The experience of the end user is about much more than just observing a beautiful design. AE helps to realize the needs of end-users in order to be able to offer your services experience-oriented to your target group. In this way we build a sustainable engagement with your customers in co-creation.

Specialized assesments

Assessments help clients to set priorities, but also to discuss more fundamental discussions and issues transparently. The specialized experience within AE that the team can count on makes it possible to identify and communicate problems and potential solutions.

AE Solution: Software engineering
An efficient IT department is responsible for tackling bottlenecks in the Software Development Lifecycle process (ALM, DevOps, Test automation, etc.) and also tackles them effectively.

Our co-creation method enables us to support customers in their entire process, from a first idea to an operational product. Such projects have a larger potential of success with sufficient buy-in and engagement from all stakeholders. The implementation of a thorough change management strategy is the key to success.

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