Our Strengths


Our process is clearly set out in steps that will ensure more transparencyandenable you to gain more control over your innovation project(s). Our proven approach is based on the lean startup method, which means that we alsowork with clear, short deadlines.

Customer focused

Life’s too short to build something nobody wants. Throughout the process, we identify ourselves with our target customers so that we can get themon-board. This approach increases our chance to find the product/market fit fasterand also provides the basis for the go-to-market strategy and communication.

Agile en Iterative

Working in short cycles, we build further based on the lessons learned in each cycle. Feedback is essential throughout the entire process. This approach ensures that we always use the available time and budgets as efficiently as possible to build something that the customer really needs.

Tailor-made technology

AE’s strength lies in how we combine our skills. We are familiar with the latest technologies and methodologies. But we also investigate the trends more deeply and ensure that your innovation project is supported by the technology that best suits your challenges.


In this creative phase, we go to work in a structured manner in order to create new ideas. We apply brainstorming techniques that perfectly match your specific context and work together with you to gather insights from your project stakeholders. This is done through customer journey workshops, innovation games and lean startup techniques.

The techniques we use encourage out-of-the-box thinking to the maximum extent and facilitate thinking from the perspective of the customer or the ecosystem. Together we discover a wide range of solutions and opportunities that can offer an answer to your challenge.

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Simulate innovation through ideation
Test Track your business model

Test Track

Here the focus shifts to the viability of the ideas. Using customer segmentation analysis and prototyping, we assess the potential market value of your concepts. In addition, we go out into the field, looking for external validation and feedback from customers, so that we can adjust your ideas in time.

This minimal investment significantly increases our chances of success; in this way, we gradually give shape to a concept that does what your customers want and need. The ‘end station’ is a validated business model on paper and a story map that gives us a clear view of the first version of the product as well as an idea of the later releases.

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We move up a gear in the Qualify track. As one team, we work side-by-side to build the first version or versions of your new service/product. Here the focus lies on an ‘agile’ manner of working, where we continually search for feedback based on product demos, following the rhythm of the development sprints.

We retain our critical attitude towards our work and try to continuously improve our functioning, where possible, through retrospectives and consciously chosen improvement actions.

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Strategy and Growth hacking wins the Race


It doesn’t stop after the project launch. After each cycle of iterative feedback following the launch, we adapt this product further and pivot through A/B testing until a seamless match with customer needs is achieved. In addition, the use of analytics provides additional information to help shape the evolution of the product.

Together we outline future product strategy in the product roadmap. The release planning puts you in the driver’s seat to compete in the race for innovation.

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