Innovation provides the fuel you need to determine the course of your company

Today companies are confronted with terms such as ‘disruptive’ and ‘platform economies’ and with new business models revolving around ecosystems. Our rapidly changing world brings with it numerous opportunities for organisations that are willing to adopt a versatile and innovative approach so that they can continuously adjust their strategy and market offering based on the changes. This often proves to be a challenging task. Many companies do not feel comfortable with their current innovation approach. Should they then let the race to develop and test new ideas just pass them by?

At AE, we assist companies in their innovation efforts with an experienced, specialised team. We help you identify new opportunities that provide an answer to the problems and challenges of your (new) customer. We champion an approach that helps develop confidence in an idea quickly and in a cost-efficient manner, with the aim of finding the optimal product/market fit.

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simulate and envision your idea


During this creative phase, we identify ourselves in a structured manner with your target customers and their problems and devise solutions for them.

Idea generation is an important part of this step.


Test Track your business model

Test Track

Subsequently, we test our solutions among your customers based on mock-ups and POCs, in order to arrive at a validated business model and story map (the requirements that cover the E2E process for the customer) for the minimal viable product.

Qualify your minimal viable product


The game is on. Together with your employees, we form a single dedicated team in order to build a high-quality minimal viable product and launch this on the market as quickly as possible. An interaction between examining and developing is essential to success here.

Race and growth hack your idea


After the launch, we fine-tune the product/market fit further. Based on iterative feedback from customers and data analytics, we experiment with product adjustments. We iterate and pivot on the product to find a seamless match with customer needs.

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With our Lean Innovation approach, you give priority to validated learning. The most important point to note is that, without customer feedback, you only have theoretical assumptions on paper. Hence, the focus is on validating the most risky hypotheses as quickly as possible. This allows you to quickly pivot and make adjustments based on the response to your product. You try to measure that response as objectively as possible.

We provide an end-to-end approach to innovation that always puts the customer in the foreground, while keeping market trends at the back on one’s mind. Read more about our approach in our case about our award-winning project at Bpost: Bringr

Innovative platforms: Gringr
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AE not only invests in innovation, it’s part of our DNA. This is demonstrated (annually) during our AE Hackathon, where we guide 15 to 20 teams in their attempt to go from a wild idea to a working prototype within a period of 36 hours. The main goal of this event is to stimulate innovation in a pleasant and non-restrictive format by giving small, self-managing and multidisciplinary teams the opportunity for intensive learning and cooperation. Get a taste of the event by watching the Aftermovie.

AE Incubation

Our incubation track offers AE employees the opportunity to focus on trying out new technologies and assessing their business potential. This takes place within a stimulating environment, where people can learn from one another. We apply our own approach and through this, we develop new services to serve our market/customers even better.

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