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A Connected World

By 2017, 65% of integration efforts will be delivered outside of central IT services. In order to keep your business competitive, have a mobile strategy and support innovation in your business; integration must be top-of-mind.

Your integration strategy allows you to open up new channels and have trusted partners provide new customers or services in a controlled and secure way.


Design & Deliver

Starting from concrete projects we'll help you identify the bottlenecks and challenges in your application landscape.

Using a pragmatic approach, tailored to the culture of your organisation, we use just enough architecture and just enough methodology to deliver an end-to-end solution for your integration needs on a business, functional and technical level.

Reference Architecture & Governance

Your architecture must provide real value to your business users, partners and customers by aligning with their processes and streamlining their activities.Both on an organizational, project and architectural level

A Vendor Neutral Approach in Our Solutions

We design solutions. We don't sell licenses. When we work together, we work in a co-creation modus, designing the best possible solution for your business, leveraging our broad and independent market expertise.

End-to-End with Tangible Business Value

Built upon years of experience in delivering succesful integration projects in finance, logistics and many other sectors, our integration consultants look for ways to help your business grow in a mature and agile way.

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API Management

AE Foyer on Sep 20th, 2016 at AE

APIs are a strategic architectural layer in the delivery of mobile applications, B2B relationships and integration of legacy services in multi-channel offerings. They are an integral part of your digital strategy. 

In this AE Foyer we provide the attendees with an overview of the possibilities and challenges that come with modern API development, delivery and API management. 


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Do you want to realize an integration project but don't have all the expertise in-house? We provide an end-to-end approach on integration projects tackling all technological and organisational challenges.

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