In order to survive in a VUCA(p) world, leading companies need to combine agility and sustainability, supported by a flexible IT architecture. This is the only way they can adapt quickly enough to the constantly changing circumstances. Do you want to optimise your company's capacity for change?

AE's 'enterprise transformation' range provides first and foremost a clear view of your business in its entirety, so you can make the right decisions and take the necessary steps with confidence. AE guides your organisation with a pragmatic approach, based on the best market practices (SAFe, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, DevOps) and our years of experience with agile transformation.

In co-creation, we identify all pain points, as well as opportunities for growth. The result is a roadmap that not only puts your company on the path to fundamental change, but also provides insight into how you can best structure your organisation to achieve this change. Naturally, your agile business is always supported by a flexible IT environment.

Agile Transformation

On the one hand, we align your business with the current market, so that you can respond in good time to the opportunities that arise. On the other hand, we reorganise your IT, so you can switch much faster with other parties, and develop into an agile company. That is why we deliver a 'just enough, just in time' enterprise architecture. 

Merger & Acquisitions

Merging companies commit to a month-long process in order to achieve an integrated operation. They need to align processes and products, divide the market and identify process efficiency and economies of scale. AE helps them with an architecture-driven approach. This means that we offer a structured method to take on major projects.

EA as a service

Companies with a more limited IT department often do not have the right know-how or skills in-house to respond quickly to certain challenges. AE sees it as its task to support these organisations in terms of staffing, recruitment and structuring. Once their enterprise architecture department is up-and-running, we aim to quickly scale down our involvement.

Flight planning.jpg

Our expertise/methodology can be deployed regardless of the sector. First and foremost, we map out the needs of your organisation, and start with flight planning based on a strategic brainstorming exercise. With the right business context in mind, we then delve deeper into your current situation, strategy and business goals. Over the course of a few days, we will create a complete framework which provides the necessary overview.

After that, the path to change is wide open. We identify domains, architects and experts, and provide them with everything they need to develop a flexible change management pathway. With a focus on the context and culture of your company. Finally, we continue to enhance and support your organisation until it is completely self-sufficient.

Develop a mature IT-department

AE's 'enterprise transformation' focuses on change on both the business side and the IT side. As regards IT, we aim above all for increased maturity, and imparting more effective techniques. AE profiles itself as a partner that smoothly guides your employees through the obstacles they need to overcome to keep up with digitization. With specialised training, workshops and on-the-job coaching, we ultimately develop a general-application knowledge transfer system.

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