Training in collaboration with Wolters Kluwer

IREB Foundation

IREB Foundation

02/4 - 04/4 & 16/10 - 18/10

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Data en informatie modelleren: basisopleiding

Data en informatie modelleren

30/4 & 10/10

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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

23/5 - 24/5

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About the learning organisation

At AE we believe that a successful transformation of your business involves more than simply defining a direction and implementing the necessary business models and solutions. It is also about developing specific skills among your employees in relation to business, technology, know-how and soft skills. As an organisation, you must embed learning in your organisational structure and business culture because the necessary skills are constantly evolving. The result is a learning organisation.

In a learning organisation, people break free from the old shackles of a fixed training budget with the corresponding training days. This classic approach forces people into a straitjacket and should move aside to allow space for a creative approach with continuous ‘snack’ learning moments. This new learning method provides the employee with control over their own evolution, whereby learning becomes part of the day-to-day tasks.

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Interactive and Snackable

The message is clear: the expertise which may or may not be present in your organisation must be mobilised.

We can support you in creating a social learning community in which everyone can share their specific expertise in an informal, unforced manner. Moreover, we strive for a flexible way of learning that fits seamlessly in with the hectic daily life of your employees.


Alongside a sturdy theoretical basis, we also strive to ensure employees can apply the knowledge they acquire to their daily activities. Theory can only be converted into practical skills ‘on the job’.

Creating a project that incorporates coaching, will guide employees in their learning process, and have a sustainable, ongoing impact on their working methods.

Development pathways

Just like organisations, employees inhabit a world where business models and technologies are constantly evolving and where new challenges and opportunities follow one another rapidly.
Instead of focussing on skills, employers must focus on finding talent and helping develop this by offering the individual ownershipof his/her own development pathway

Clients who trusted on our expertise

Contrail endeavours to serve as a digital partner across the board. In consultation with you, we can create the perfect training programme, encompassing various learning forms. We will also support you in creating the ideal coaching structures. Contact us!