The impact of digitalisation on the ecosystems which have sprung up around it cannot be underestimated. The boundaries between different industries are becoming blurred, making the effects of digital disruption highly visible in almost all sectors. In order to remain competitive within this rapidly changing market, established companies need to continuously align their technology and IT processes, and dare to continually question themselves. Every day, groundbreaking new technologies and opportunities are emerging, to meet the challenges of digitalisation. 

Via comprehensive project management, advanced change management and the necessary space for co-creation, we strive towards operational excellence. AE helps organisations build a resilient business model, so that they can continue to meet the changing expectations of customers, and adapt quickly to new regulations.

A strong foundation

AE incorporates a targeted, pragmatic approach, with the focus on a methodologically substantiated IT architecture. By connecting your business through IT, we create structured workflows that guarantee a significant increase in internal quality - without losing sight of the bigger picture.


The digitization of our society puts organisations under pressure from various angles. AE supports all companies wishing to transform their objectives and opportunities into concrete products and services, of course without losing sight of change management.


We monitor both the approach to projects and the composition of teams and expertise that flows through your company. The result is a sustainable IT architecture which enables teams to quickly find their way around while providing regular constructive feedback, and in which customers can work on all essential elements in complete confidence and comfort.


A modern and agile company that puts its customer at the center and wants sustainable growth needs line-of-business applications and software with an underlying architecture that is cohesive and consistent. An architecture that is built to cope with change and eliminates overhead.

With transparent assessments, AE brings clarity into the as-is, scopes the improvement opportunities and provides the concrete business case.

Our experience in process analysis and expertise in various technologies helps companies put digital in the DNA of their most critical and essential business processes.

Digital transformation in 7 steps

In today's world, no organisation can avoid change. Companies who want to maintain their competitive positionand stimulate their customer focus are compelled to continually improve or simplify their processes. In other words, every company undergoing full digital transformation needs to pay sufficient attention to change management.

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