The expectations of IT departments in competitive companies are high. The current competitive landscape is associated with complex processes that require highly efficient management. If a new opportunity arises, it needs to be seized as quickly as possible. While digitization progresses at an astonishing pace, customers expect more speed and flexibility than ever. Companies that want to offer their customers added value today cannot achieve their objectives without an IT team boasting sufficient clout.

Does your company need IT business consultants to successfully make the digital transformation? AE creates sustainable IT architecture.

Nowadays, organisations need to be able to get up-and-running quickly with a variety of systems, and make content available on just about any device. AE responds to these essential, constantly moving dynamics by combining know-how with speed and efficiency. On the one hand, we keep an eye on the bigger picture, or the intelligent vision that lies behind a successful business model for your company. On the other hand, we don't hesitate to delve into the details. That way, challenges and obstacles for the IT department, as well as opportunities, are always rapidly identified.

Sustainable IT architecture

AE's sustainable, architecturally-driven solutions serve as the basis for all future actions that will partly determine the course of your company. We deliver projects which are comprehensively embedded in both your organisation and the surrounding ecosystem, and which are perfectly aligned with the evolution of the entrepreneurial environment itself.


Integration affects every aspect of your business and consequently requires a specific architectural approach. In addition to standardisation (of processes and software packages) and virtualisation (cloud computing), AE helps your company with channel, process, application and data integration.

Business meets IT

A structured methodology helps to quickly gain a clear insight into the business and project context. Because the complexity is made more transparant, there is a widely supported story in which business and IT find each other as equals.


Many companies struggle to visualise their IT landscape. However, thanks to a structured and underpinned methodology, AE quickly gains clear insight into your specific business and projects. In so doing, we incorporate a targeted, pragmatic approach, with a focus on your IT architecture. By making the complexity amenable, we create a broadly supported scenario in which business and IT find each other.


The result? A sustainable IT architecture which enables teams to quickly find their way around while providing regular constructive feedback, and in which customers can work on all essential elements in complete confidence and comfort.

'Just enough' architecture

Most companies are currently undergoing major digital transformations. Being able to respond quickly to new customer needs and expectations is essential in this respect. That is why we organise dedicated project teams. For example, SCRUM teams are increasingly deployed to make software more flexible. However, customers continue to question exactly what place IT architecture needs to have in this set-up. 

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