We help clients to find structure, insights and to make well-founded decisions based on the incredible amount of data available to them.  The complex and often strategic issues that a digital transformation entails, require a correct answer fast, as today's competition grows fierce and the margin of error for companies shrinks visibly. AE can provide you with all the information you need, by combining our expert knowledge in data science, statistics and analysis with a proven experience in various sectors and areas.

In order to support our customers in making the right choices with confidence, we team up with d-sides. This eager team of data experts converts granular data into actionable solutions with a contagious passion, always end-to-end and in co-creation with our customer.

Insights in your sector

From creating dynamic customer segments for utility company, over launching and optimising banking and insurance products, to identifying bottlenecks in business-critical processes, AE has your back no matter your goals.

We not only rely on our own expertise, but can also fall back on our in-house tools which efficiently and comprehensibly present sector-specific issues to all stakeholders.

Extensive technological offer

As your strategic partner, AE is supported by a strong analytics community that detects, evaluates and implements trends.

We keep up with the latest technologies and critically analyse the challenges you face. We subsequently look for the technology that best meets your needs and provides you with the most relevant insights.

Value creation is always our main focus.

Tailor-made approach

Specific domains and questions require a well-focused approachRelying on our years of experience, we develop a plan of action that perfectly matches your sector and provides an answer to all your questions and needs. This plan carefully both outlines the problemand identifies data sources, always keeping the bigger picture (your sector) in mind. 

We develop new tools whenever necessary, making sure we can bring our plan to fruition for you.


Valuable data are there for the taking these days, just waiting to be analysed. Yet having a massive amount of data at your disposal does not necessarily ensure a smooth trajectory. It is our ambition to translate data into action-oriented insights that take your company to the next level.

D-sides makes it a point of honour to derive a competitive advantage from your data, enabling you to thrive in your sector. With our extensive expertise in proven technologies and always keeping an open mind to the particulars of your industry, we have what it takes to make our strategic partnership a success.

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Analytics as a powerful marketing tool

Data analytics are in indispensable ingredient to any personalised marketing strategy.

You don’t have to take our word for it: our collaborations are proof in point. Take, for instance, one of our customers in the consumer goods sector who was determined to create added value through data and consequently called on us to help launch a completely new product. Thanks to insights we derived from a geospatial analysis, they managed to locate and reach their target audience much more efficiently – yielding impressive sales numbers as a result.


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