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Idea Generation

We show you which brainstorm techniques are best for idea generation and team with you to elicit those ideas from your project’s stakeholders. We set up customer journey and innovation games workshops as well as inspirational sessions and business model canvas exercises. Then we co-create the groundwork for your next great digital service or product.


Idea Exploration

Using story mapping workshops, customer segmentation analysis and paper prototyping, we check the potential market value of your ideas and shape your concept so it does what your customers want and need.

Idea Generation

Brainstorming workshops

New Business models

Innovation games

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Idea Exploration

Customer identification



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Idea Execution


Agile coaching


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Unlocking intrapreneurship

 Innovation is not a buzzword. It’s incredibly important to stay competitive in today’s market and to avoid falling prey to the wave of digital disruption that’s affecting so many industries.

Because companies everywhere are under constant pressure to reinvent products, services and even entire business models, AE has created its Accelerator solution to help organizations generate strong ideas and take them to market effectively.

Through brainstorming sessions, innovation workshops, hackathons, prototyping and agile coaching, we’ll help you find new ways to create value in the digital world. Once we’ve thoroughly explored and tested these new ideas together, we’ll collaborate on turning them into products and services that your customers really want.

All of this happens in the spirit of co-creation to instill a mindset for innovation throughout your organization.

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We put you on the fast track to innovation by creating a first version of your new product or service during a hackathon and we provide agile coaching to put a Minimum Viable Product of your idea live.

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