Enterprise Transformation: organizing for changeability

Leading companies not only have to adapt, optimize and grow their actual business, they also have to find their place in the new reality of ecosystems by adopting new business and operating models.

Both dynamics have their own logic and pace, and when executed well, they can enhance each other.

AE has developed a unique approach that combines solid architectural thinking with innovative methods and techniques, to learn companies organize for changeability so that they can stay relevant and create options for the future in an ever-changing world.

How we can help achieve your goals

The difference is in the sum

When stakes are high, people want a partner they can rely on… to cross-check, help or take over, with the ultimate aim to go faster and to reach more.

Partnering with AE gives access to a network of 300+ professionals with extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and a hands-on mentality.

We deliver a broad spectrum of competences, from architectural planning on enterprise level to qualitative program/project execution in specific business and IT domains. We use fast & flexible delivery models, relying on automated value chains and pre-built platforms.

Co-thinking and co-creating with your teams is at the center of our approach. We demonstrate a responsible attitude: we take your strategy to heart, deliver up to promises and make ourselves replaceable. Together, we turn your challenge into an opportunity.

In the past 20 years, we helped hundreds of organizations with their transformation journey.
Customer Quote
"Part of what makes AE so special is their unique culture of constantly striving to improve themselves. They’re a flexible partner who’s willing to move mountains to help us succeed.Gerhard Steinrücken, R&D Director SESVanderHave



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