The energy market in Belgium is about to change dramatically. Not just because of the founding of Atrias, a new federal clearing house, but also because of the introduction of the new market communication standard, MIG6.0. This will introduce new concepts and challenges for every market party.

Our utilities experts are helping energy providers prepare for the future and transform. Read more.


The financial world is in full transition. With new regulations on data privacy and upcoming compliance on new industry standards, the internal and external pressure banks and other financial institutions face is enormous.

With our track record in helping banks find new business models, optimizing back-office systems and developing new algorithms, AE is the perfect partner for digital transformation in the Belgian finance sector. Contact us.

Social Secretariat

With continuing pressure due to low interest rates, social secretariats are adjusting their strategy and focus from revenue to cost-effectiveness and profitability. This means seeking out valuable partnerships with other market players and developing new products and services. Both as a one-stop-shop for HR services as well as developing new digital channels and self-service initiatives.

From ideation and business innovation to product development and process optimisation, AE helps customers with developing, implementing and executing the right strategy. Contact us.


We help you discover new and innovative business models, services & products through tailor-made workshops, 36h hackathons and week-long co-creation initiatives together with your business and ICT-teams. Read more.

Analytics & Data Science

Make sense of the heaps of data you already have. Our data scientists help you identify bottlenecks through process mining or by creating decision-supporting and predictive insights for mission-critical activities in your business. Read more.

Customer Experience Platforms

Put your outside-in strategy into action. Our experience in integrating and implementing customer experience platforms like Sitecore, Backbase or AEM helps you to really connect your business goals to your customer needs.

Digital Transformation

The world becomes more digital every day. What about your business? Our digital and customer experience consultants help your business transform to enable sustainable growth, true value creation and customer centricity in an increasingly complex and competitive landscape.

Front End Engineering

An application is what your customers see: it's their primary access point to your products or services. That means that a front end is much more than the visual part of an application; it is the application. Our Front End Engineering team helps you build engaging experiences for your customers. Read more.

Information Management

With increasing amounts of data from your customers, smart devices  and more comes the need for a methodological approach to store, manage and integrate this information in your business context. Our IM experts can help your organization create a shared and durable information foundation.


Today a lot of people, departments, systems and services have to work together to give customers one great experience. Our SOA, Integration Architecture and API Management solution helps you create an enterprise integration platform that makes all your people and services work together seamlessly. Read more.

Internet of Things

Smart devices are here. Whether you're wearing them on your wrist or driving in one, connected devices already change the way consumers behave and how businesses work. Our IoT consultants help you unlock their full potential and create new business opportunities along the way.

Business Architecture & Business Analysis

Business architecture is a sustained approach to document and analyze an organization's business and operational model. Business architecture and business analysis help identify cost-reduction, process optimisation and business transformation opportunities.

AE has an extensive track record in business architecture both for large enterprises and SMBs. We have also developed our own Business Architecture Framework to help companies stay effective and competitive.

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture helps companies translate their strategy into feasible roadmaps and projects. It helps business and IT to create a vision and provides a reference architecture to define and coordinate change activities.

Our enterprise architects help your business and IT units to identify, define and implement the right processes and structure for your organization.

Application Architecture and Functional Analysis

Application architecture and functional analysis help you translate the user requirements in an elegant, scalable and user-friendly design. Both from an end-user and a global governance perspective. Our application architects and functional analysts use many different techniques to elicit and validate the true requirements and implement the right design patterns and architectural decisions.

Technical Architecture

Our technical architects and consultants help translate the designs and requirements into working and scalable applications and architecture. With expert knowledge in .Net, JAVA, front end and mobile application development, they help give business users the tools to delight their customers and help your IT department to design, implement and maintain the most effective technical architecture.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Our Portfolio, Program and Project Management capability (PPPM) combines globally recognized frameworks (PMBOK, Prince 2) with a pragmatic approach (agile at scale) based on our own experiences and projects. We can help you structure, organize and follow-up on strategic level projects with an approach that best fits your company culture.

Quality Assurance

Everybody knows that quality is extremely important, but most people think it comes with a heavy price tag and a huge time investment. That’s understandable, because QA and Testing have taken an increasingly higher bite out of project budgets across the world. Sometimes even up to 50%. With its partner company Quality@Speed, AE helps companies to develop the right QA strategy for a faster time-to-market with an all-round quality culture.