Both professional and private consumers grow increasingly aware of their energy consumption. They want to better understand their energy consumption pattern, and to do whatever it takes to consume less energy, reduce their energy costs and do their bit for the environment. For that they require advanced solutions which they expect to receive from their energy supplier– or whichever energy player beats their supplier to the punch.

Energy objectives

Energy players are facing a two-fold challenge. To offer an excellent customer experience, they must get to know the needs of their customers and prospects and offer them personalised solutions. Secondly, they must make data and information available to their customers in an insightful manner, enabling them to achieve their energy objectives more easily.

Information management driven by analysis

AE offers companies in the energy sector all the insights they need to provide their end customers with innovative energy management solutions based on thorough analysis. AE covers the entire load, from SMART meters and customer segmentation to data visualisation and master data management.

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Always keeping sustainability and ecology in mind, AE helps energy players to exceed their customers’ expectations. We are ready and eager to use your data insights to your competitive advantage. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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