Historically speaking, the energy industry has always been a relatively stable and highly regulated market. Today, however, changed legislations, political decisions and a liberalised market are forcing players to not only make their internal processes and operations more efficient, but also to expand and digitise their product and service portfolio.


Stronger together: the ultimate business model

Utility companies have no choice but to become agile. They must be able to quickly adapt their business model to reality and bring a personalised offer to market while continuously innovating both their technologies and their way of doing business – challenges which are often too big and too diverse for them to tackle on their own. Finding an experienced partner as well as implementing a targeted M&A strategy is crucial for energy players who want to profile themselves as a full-fledged platform within an ecosystem.

With the right partner by their side, energy players can transform themselves into hubs where energy producers, users, customers and partners come together. Hubs which not only serve to meet energy needs or offer services, but also to innovate and to enter new markets with a joint approach.


AE has years of experience and extensive expertise in the energy sector. Helping our partners to develop and implement a (more) flexible business strategy through a unique process, we guide them end to end from product innovation to overseeing M&A projects. We have what it takes to help your organisation tackle even the most challenging business issues, using all the necessary technologies.

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