Affordable, reliable and sustainable energy is the new standard. As consumers grow increasingly environmentally conscious, sustainability today is an important – if not the most important – pillar for utility companies. Players in the energy market are therefore faced with the enormous challenge of having to integrate green energy sources and sensitising consumers to digital energy meters.


Projecting a green image prevails

Now that renewable energy is becoming the new norm, utilities are experiencing a large consolidation wave in the form of mergers and acquisitions. If they want to obtain a green(er) image as quickly as possible, they must be able to rely on a strong mix of (newly) acquired competences – the benefits of which speak for themselves. However, their growing customer base, ongoing need to save costs and ever-increasing range of products and services present them with a major challenge they must tackle first, namely achieving a qualitative merger of all parties.

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How can AE Utilities help?

Business Transformation Services

The key to a successful transformation lies in implementing a business model that remains easy to adapt. Energy players have to engage with the right partners to be able to act as a full-fledged platform within an ecosystem.

Years of experience in sustainable IT architecture make AE the reliable reference in the field of digital transformation. By integrating new technologies into existing infrastructures and new organisational forms, AE offers solutions to even the most complex of issues.

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Analytics & Information Management

As a result of the many mergers and acquisitions, the energy sector sees its number of products and services, as well as its customer base, increase considerably – which brings along new data, a different kind of needs and higher expectations.

AE helps utility companies gain a clear understanding of all that data and assists them with strategic decisions in terms of costs, consumption and responsibility.

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Peer to Peer platformen

Energy consumers are becoming real prosumers, always on the look-out for new and better solutions to reduce their costs and optimise their energy consumption. To help energy players build and maintain a competitive advantage in such a rapidly changing market, AE develops innovative peer-to-peer platforms.

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In a world that is forever changing, AE Utilities helps energy companies transform themselves and find the path to a sustainable future. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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