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MIG Expertise

The energy market in Belgium is about to change dramatically with Atrias, a federal clearing house, and the introduction of a new market communication standard MIG6 & MIG DGO. This is a great opportunity for energy providers to internally grow an expertise on these topics and get well prepared for these changes.

At AE, our consultants are involved in market communication implementation since many years and have seen multiple MIG releases. We are involved on a day-to-day basis in these transformation projects and we are helping a lot of different types of market parties all along the Utilities value chain (TSO, DGO, Commercial Suppliers). This gives us a great end-to-end view and expertise.

While helping our clients, we noticed that one of the challenges of this new MIG implementation was to grow an internal expertise while coping with operational pressure. That's why we decided to set up a MIG6 training which allows us to transfer our expertise to your teams in a maximum of 2,5 days. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our expertise and/or our MIG6 training offer.

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Transition & Migration

The new MIG brings a lot of changes at many levels (technical, functional, business, architecture, organization). As a consequence, transitioning from one standard to the other is not exactly a matter of pushing on a button. This is an exercise that will last longer than a month. And of course, it is not even imaginable for any market party to stop its activities during this whole period just to focus on the transition.

The same goes for Migration. The amount of data to be migrated is huge due to the 3 to 5 years’ history that is required by the market. And the exercise is made even more complex by the new data model introduced by the new MIG, meaning that every market party has to consider enrichment and data cleaning activities as well.

At AE, we have the right approach and expertise to help you prepare, take those additional activities into consideration and assess the impact on the global planning of your day-to-day operational activities.

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Atrias Testing will happen in multiple phases and at multiple places. Obviously, each market party needs to set up an internal Testing track in order to ensure that the new or updated applications are working correctly. Secondly, the whole market will participate in different end-to-end Testing phases.

The DGOs will start with the DIT (DGO Integration Testing), the suppliers will then join them in the MIT (Market Integration Testing) and at the same moment, the whole market will participate in the Transition Dry Runs (specific testing track for Transition & Migration). At AE, thanks to our Quality Assurance capability, we can help you with:

  • Test Strategy definition
  • Test coordination/management
  • Creation of a (master) test plan
  • Creation and execution of test cases/scenarios
  • Implementation and execution of test automation
  • Implementation and execution of performance testing

New technologies for new business models

Disruptive technologies

By 2020, there will be more than 50 billion connected devices. This is not something we can change or fight, this will just happen. Within Utilities, we talk about smart meters, smart grids, smart homes... Everything is connected so everything can be smart! Those new technologies are bringing a complete set of new possibilities that could be the answer to most of the challenges of the sector (from cost optimization to customer loyalty).

At AE we have the right expertise with a dedicated Internet of Things solution but also a dedicated Information Management & Analytics solution to help you make the best of those new technologies.

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New Business Models

Commercial suppliers are facing a very competitive market where no differentiation is possible on the delivered product, except on the price. In this context, margins are low and customer expectations are high. Distribution Grid Operators have to find a new balance between lowered subventions and increasing maintenance and operational costs while trying to cope with the challenge of decentralized production.

Transmission System Operators are now part of a single European market (gas versus electricity) where cross-border trading and access create challenges for the future. Different existing regional transmission systems need to interconnect, allowing competitive development of European TSOs. And finally, the whole market has to deal with a high regulatory pressure. In this environment of uncertainty and market disruption, energy providers must reinvent their organizations with a focus on simplification, agility and flexibility.

Time has come to break the boundaries of the existing energy market and focus on Innovation in order to find new products and services for the customer but also new business models for energy companies. At AE, Innovation is in our DNA and with the expertise of our Accelerator solution we can help you initiate, execute and complete your innovation journey.

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Digital Transformation

Everybody is talking about Digital and it seems that you should be busy with it. But you might still wonder if it really applies to you, why and how Digital can concretely help your business. To be very concrete, performing a Digital Transformation is not about adding a digital capability in your organization and building a couple of apps. Digital is about going from a company-centric to a customer centric business model, it’s going from investing in enterprise technologies to running open platforms, and it’s going from a linear value chain to networked value interactions.

To summarize, if you want to succeed with your Digital Transformation, you need to completely redesign your business and operating models in order to be able to integrate digital in it, and not building digital next to it. We believe that Digital is also about better understanding and identifying who your customer is. This brings the notion of personalization and, if you want to be able to personalize your product, you need to gather the right data to do it.

At AE we have expertise with our Digital & Customer Experience solution and our Information Management & Analytics solution. We guide you in transforming your existing business models to digital ones, making your business shine in the digital age and opening up new business opportunities.

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The age of the customer

For AE it is not only important to provide a service for our own customers. It is our belief that we can add value by assisting our customers in their approach towards their clients. We look for insights that allow Utility market players to give their clients the necessary information and personalized approach. Whether it is an end user of a DGO, a shipper using services of a TSO, … all customers have their specificities that need to be taken into account.


Instead of just focusing on products and services it is now more and more important that the Utilities’ customer is being identified. Who is my customer? What is the best way to approach him or her? What makes the customer select my business?

By analyzing customer data we can discover who the customer is and identify his or her needs and requirements. Therefore it is important to gather the correct data and make use of these data to develop the best approach. Customers nowadays enjoy the freedom to enter and modify personal information, manage payments, enter meter readings. They like to express themselves via chat programs, social media, e-mail, … All this data may be put to use in order to give your customer that personal touch, he or she deserves. At AE we have the expertise and knowledge to help you find out what your customer needs by analyzing customer data and giving you insights in how to satisfy the wishes of existing customers and at the same time attract new customers. 

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Customer Journey

Customer behavior can be identified by describing one or more customer journeys. How does the customer react in that specific situation? What different types of customers do we have? How do they come in contact with my business?

By identifying the needs, behavior and facts related to various customers, different personas may be brought to life. These personas travel through different phases, representing possible chronological actions the customer undertakes. In the meanwhile, touch points with the company are being identified, giving more information about when and how the customer comes into contact with the provider and what services the latter offers when in contact with the client.

For example: Ann (female, 35 years old, mother of two children) is looking for a new energy provider. She contacts a provider and contents herself with the information provided. Afterwards, she compares that provider with others in the market via online platforms, allowing her to conclude that another provider offers the same services, but at a lower cost. She thus changes the provider and reevaluates the situation.

AE can help you identify different customer journeys, allowing you to conclude what processes are enjoyable for the client and, at the same time, are beneficial for your business.

Digital Platform

There is a shift from applications to platforms. The platforms of tomorrow and today need to be based on an outside-in perspective. They need to connect different stakeholders, including customers, products, partners, … Shippers, customers, DGOs and TSOs may all want to have access to the same consumption profiles.

Offering a platform that allows the different stakeholders’ systems and applications to interconnect gives way to a reshape in technology landscapes. At the same time different topics like security, integration, analytics, … need to be taken into account. Our Information Management and Digital Solutions have the experience to analyze and define what platforms best suit your business.

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With over 10+ years of experience in Utilities, AE can help you with the digital transformation of your business and develop products and services that spur customer loyalty and involvement.
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