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The HR industry today faces complex challenges. In a rapidly changing digital world, new issues arise constantly. Challenges that were not on the radar a few years ago are now facts to be reckoned with.

AE Human Talent Services Sector - More digital More human

Social secretariats, external services for prevention and protection at work, employment agencies, health insurance funds, consultancy firms, trade unions and other players in HR are under increasing pressure to distinguish themselves from their competitors by offering clear added value. When it comes to traditional or legally regulated products and services, customers now have a wide array of players to choose from, who – from their point of view – all look alike. This risk of commoditization urges to continuously introduce new products and services, to revise current activities and to focus on offering a personal customer experience.

In addition, the HR industry must adopt a flexible and rapid approach to the constant changes (legislation, technologies, social trends, …), not to mention customers’ increasing expectations. In terms of business, IT and internal organization, it is vital to join forces and strive for a shorter time-to-market and improved operational excellence by means of thorough digitization.

AE Human Talent Services Sector - More digital More human
AE Human Talent Services Sector - More digital More human


However, focusing more on efficiency entails a new risk. HR organizations must be careful to not come across as cold machines merely carrying out routine work. That would not only be detrimental to customer loyalty but to employees’ level of commitment as well. The human aspect should therefore become the central pillar of any digitization strategy and business model.

AE is happy to help you successfully tackle all the above-mentioned challenges.

Together with you, we go all out to make your organization More Digital, More Human. Strengthening your business with our all-round vision and extensive expertise, we increase your employees’ level of self-reliance and help you combine operational excellence with thorough and meaningful customer intimacy.

By using technology as a lever to emphasize your organization’s human side, we will increase your business value, boost customer satisfaction and improve your employee retention rate to boot.

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Guiding digital transformation

Guiding your digital transformation

Combining forces with you, we develop a well-thought-out digital transformation strategy that meets your current and future challenges. We align that strategy with your business objectives, determining priorities and focusing on an improved customer experience and innovative services.

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Empowering business innovation

Empowering your business innovation

We strengthen your product development and help build a future-oriented innovation strategy that reinforces your position in this VUCA world. Keeping a watchful eye on your time-to-market, we optimize your employees’ innovative capacity by means of pragmatic methodologies and tools.

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Turning Data into a Competitive Advantage

Turning data into a competitive advantage

Does your organization also possess huge amounts of data, but not entirely sure how to put it to good use? Are you wondering how to best select and combine certain data to obtain valuable insights?

We like to help you identify the optimal approach to converting your data into actionable insights and added-value services, enabling you to boost your business and make informed decisions.

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Creating Futureproof IT Building blocks

Establishing future-proof IT building blocks

Investing heavily in the modernization of IT processes, operations and systems is becoming the new norm, as is continuously building new digital tools. In complex environments such as these, being able to swiftly respond to changes and new technologies is key. In addition, customer experience and usability are becoming increasingly important. We ensure you won’t lose valuable time and resources, by creating customer-focused and agile IT building blocks.

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