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Stimulate sustainable innovation in an environment that keeps on evolving, growing and diversifying is a challenge. Disruptive new FinTech-players are constantly shuffling the market deck. How do you know whether you're moving in the right direction? How do you put the right knowledge and insights into play to make the right strategic decisions in the race for new technology and innovative concepts? AE is eager to help you determine that direction, to guarantee a motivated team toward a sustainable, innovative future by taking the correct approach and using the right architecture.


Blockchain and its underlying principles are so disruptive that they cannot be ignored. However, what does blockchain, the rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies actually portend for the financial sector? Is it a threat, or is it simply an opportunity to ride the revolutionary Distributed Ledger technology wave that makes a fully decentralised ecosystem possible? AE assists organisations with capitalising on opportunities by employing the right mix of business know-how, technological expertise and an innovative, holistic end-to-end approach.


Financial service providers have a treasure trove of data. AE’s data experts help you take the biggest advantage of this data, and convert it into the correct insights and build smart decision support systems. All of this in a way to pro-actively harness this data to boost the quality of your service, to ensure a unique customer experience and are enabled to make the correct strategic decisions.

Lean Innovation

Innovation is the talk of the town. Innovating intelligently and sustainably is not easy. Avoid conventional development, the quest for the so-called perfect product or service that is often expensive, too late or very complex and fails to deliver on the customer's actual expectations.

Via our lean innovation approach we identify the minimum viable product, quickly develop a beta version, test this with real-world future users, adjust and repeat the process to arrive at a loveable product for your customers.

Positioning your company as flexible and innovative, able to re-adjust course and stand strong in a quickly evolving world. AE can support you in this vigorous challenge. Discover our proven Lean Innovation approach.

Discover our lean innovation method


We want to help organizations make the best use of innovative technologies by offering the right mix of business knowledge, technological expertise and end-to-end holistic innovation approach.