Embrace the integrated world 

Company integration, between both internal systems and processes and the external ecosystems that you belong to is one of core areas of AE’s expertise. Integration literally impacts every aspect of the company and requires an architecture-driven approach.

Sound integration opens the door to new partners and new channels of interaction with customers. Our architects assist you during the integration of different channels, processes, applications and data, making it possible for you to transition toward a sustainable, forward-looking platform that provides your customers with safe, monitored access to applications and services diensten.


Customers expect apps and other contemporary channels for information production and consumption to be made available by their financial service provider. API management is an essential element of hybrid and mobile platforms within an omnichannel strategy.

Connecting your on-premises or specific systems to the cloud safely, manageably and scalably is a challenge facing many financial service providers. AE assists you with contemporary API development, delivery and management of best practices.

End-to-End Business value

Aren't we all on the lookout for the Solutions package that is completely aligned to the needs of customers. We look forward to face this challenge head-on at AE.

Grounded in long-standing expertise in the financial sector, our consultants are eager to work with you on your concrete plans to get your business growing in way that is sensible, but still agile.


Splitting and structuring an application into a group of separate services (modular programming) minimalises undesirable dependencies and makes it simpler to replace services.

In a rapidly evolving world, we lay the basis for sustainable software development using those microservices appropriate for the target set: flexible, modifiable, highly-scalable, reliable and robust.


Ready for your own integration project? We offer an End-to-End approach that takes into account all technological and organizational challenges