Prepare for value creation in a digital world

The financial service provider ecosystem is in constant flux due to disruptive newcomers. They completely throw classic business models off balance. Are you ready for this?

Focus on innovation and digitisation offers a host of options. With smart solutions, sufficient business insight and agile working methods, the digital transformation is a superb opportunity to future-proof and strengthen your company, employees, and the relationship with your customers


Regardless of whether one approaches change in a classic or agile manner, transforming companies requires a well-supported reference framework to define change initiatives and coordinate their implementation. Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides this framework: it is a tool for translating strategy into effective plans and for guiding, coaching and monitoring the implementation of these plans.

Our enterprise architects provide reference models to structure the company (business and IT) and create a flight plan that offers a comprehensive development track. This allows people and teams to make sound decisions based on a common and coherent vision.


The transformation track that financial service providers are facing is unparalleled. To excel efficiently managing this change in practice is a must, going beyond the theoretical. A correct assessment of the transformation's impact on the current organisation is equally essential to this process.

AE experts in change management help you in using the right tools and methods to pilot your company through this change process.

Internet of Things

In our rapidly evolving technological environment, ‘everyday’ objects are being increasingly replaced by ‘smart’ objects: smart devices that efficiently collect data on a large scale, both concerning the data itself and its environment.

These physical objects have access to the Internet of Things (IoT) and are part of the interactions taking place in the digital world. We take pleasure in discovering and sharing specific IoT applications with you, the financial service provider.


Would you like to shift a gear higher in the digital transformation story of your company? Contact us to discuss your challenges and get to know our approach and expertise