Prepare your core IT infrastructure for sustainable development and innovation

Financial service providers often use dated technology and systems to support their daily operations. Replacing these costs time, money and energy. In a world that is rapidly evolving, uncertain and complex, it's a challenge to make the right choices.

Systems that were implemented years ago no longer cut it when it comes to supporting today's digital transformation. Despite the availability of SaaS, cloud and API technologies, these are often implemented piece-meal and in isolated cases. AE assists financial service providers in making the right choices for IT systems and processes that are both sustainable and reliable, and flexible and fast enough to embrace innovation.

Financial Services challenges: legacy transformation

Our Solutions

Digitale Transformation

A change from your legacy systems to new requirements is an invasive undertaking that will impact your entire organisation. This type of project calls for well-thought out plans and a team of experts.

AE has the expertise to smoothly guide you along this process by using smart solutions and insights.

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 Updating infrastructure and systems gives financial service providers the opportunity to respond to the customer's omnichannel needs.

API management is a crucial part to open up your internal systems and requires an architecture-driven approach.


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We look forward to jointly assessing your options for sustainable innovation. We draw together an innovation roadmap that will allow your company to keep growing, with the least amount of disruption.

Discover the added value of AE's Lean Innovation method.


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Use your Legacy Transformation to set course for innovation. Feel free to contact us.