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For ages, banks, insurance companies and asset management companies carried out their business activities in a closed, homogeneous IT system. Slowly but surely these closed systems have given way to an open and rapidly developing ecosystem comprised of financial service providers and other external parties.

FinTech-companies introduce innovations that challenge and disrupt the ecosystem. Moreover, this ecosystem is constantly evolving: amendments to regulations push the quest for alternative solutions and new technology forward. Consequently, policy-makers are forced to consider how they can regulate financial activities in this new reality.

Nature's ecosystems are diverse, self-sustainable and developing continually. Change never stops, one event triggers the other, and when successful it can inverse a hierarchy or disrupt the status quo. Change is crucial to survival.

These profound shifts impose an open and interconnected ecosystem, in which banks learn from and cooperate with their industry's disruptors: start-ups or big techs. The latter know the digital consumer and they know how to offer new services and reach new customer segments better than anyone else.

AE supports financial service providers in their quest to get a grip on how to prepare company processes and operating system for the changing landscape.

Financial Services challenges Ecosystem

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A sound strategy for integration opens the door to new partners and new channels of interaction with customers. Our architects provide guidance for the integration of different channels, processes, applications and data.

This facilitates the transition toward a sustainable, forward-looking platform that provides your customers with safe access to applications and services that is controlled.

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Striking the right balance between innovation and managing day-to-day operations is a challenge.

AE brainstorms with you about the strategic direction and growth path of your organisation, challenges your ambitions and assists in determining the right approach and milestones to answer the issues of tomorrow (and the day after!).

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Digital Transformation

The financial service provider ecosystem is in constant flux due to disruptive newcomers and pushes organisations to innovate and digitize.

Discover smart solutions and relevant business insights and take advantage of the transformation by setting course for a digital future.

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It takes courage for a financial service provider to transform, to open up to external services and partners and by doing so, seize opportunities in a rapidly evolving world. Read here about our perspective on ecosystem thinking and challenges in the financial sector.

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