Customer expectations have changed drastically and rapidly. Consumers no longer assess vertically, they take a service provider's premium experience and use it to demand a comparable or better experience from another provider. Positive experiences that include personalised services of big techs such as Google and Facebook lead consumers to view financial services through the same lens.

They expect a smooth digital experience from their financial service provider, personalised products tailored to their needs, and the option of switching easily between online and offline environments.

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The key to customer experiences that exceed expectations lies in offering the right service or the right product at the right time and in the right place.

At AE we employ user profiles to get to know and understand your target customer base, their needs and wishes, their line of reasoning and context, and to provide them with a unique and seamless experience.

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Innovation is the key to remaining competitive in the rapidly evolving ecosystem financial actors find themselves in. However, innovating well and sustainably is not easy.

Avoid conventional development, the quest for the so-called perfect product or service that is often too dear, too late or too complex and fails to deliver on the customer's actual expectations. Discover the alternative by using AE's lean innovation method.

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How do you put your customers first? In this reference case we demonstrate how a financial player can work with us to succeed at personally connecting with customers during important milestones in their lives.

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