Our Story

AE Financial Services wants to be a digital, end-to-end and trusted partner of financial services providers. AE FS wants to lead and support on the path to digital transformation, focused on customer experience and the ecosystem thinking. We operate on three important levels to accomplish a successful digital transformation project: people and organisation, business challenges and the technology required to efficiently running the company. We ensure our customers a seamless experience during this digital transformation process.


With company expertise of over 15 years and a significant number of consultants active in the banking and insurance sector, we closely monitor market developments, both at the business level and the technology level. This is precisely the reason why banks and insurance companies find their way to our services and have confidence in our expertise. They rely on us for a diverse range of projects, varying from new business model development (customer experience, insights, personalisation, mobile platforms and security), over adapting to their (digital) platforms to meet regulatory requirements (PSD2, MiFID II, GDPR, IFRS, Solvency II, Basel III, COREP and FINREP), or exploring, implementing and integrating of the myriad opportunities that new technology offers.


Some of our profiles

Financial services business architect

Business & Integration expert

This architect helps to structure existing and new applications and information within a company in a qualitative way. Always aware of the latest technologies and developments, he/she thinks along with organisations, and translates ambition into goals and milestones

Financial services customer journey

Customer Journey specialist

A Customer Journey Specialist thinks customer-centric at all times. He or she understands the customer's needs and pains and converts them into guidelines for functional design and prototypes, training and support for the implementation teams.

Financial services innovation architect

Innovation Driven expert

An Innovation Driver works on your organisation of tomorrow. With an open, yet critical view, an innovator looks at the processes of today, and envisions how they could look in the future. Equally he/she helps you in creating a strategy and culture allowing your employees to experiment and innovate with the right models at the right level.

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