Logistics & Warehousing

As globalization continues, supply chain leaders must provide an answer to the increasing complexity of their network. Global sourcing gives rise to a variety of opportunities, yet every strategical, tactical or operational decision requires careful consideration because of long supply lead times. Today, minimizing the environmental impact, taking regulatory demands into account and preparing for economic fluctuations are three important parameters in any company’s quest for optimization.

AE enables you to turn challenges into opportunities by both assessing your current situation and introducing new technologies and advanced analytics. Helping organizations move towards smart logistics and warehousing solutions is what we do best.

The difference is in the sum

When stakes are high, people want a partner they can rely on… to cross-check, help or take over, with the ultimate aim to go faster and to reach more.

Partnering with AE gives access to a network of 300+ professionals with extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and a hands-on mentality.

We deliver a broad spectrum of competences, from architectural planning on enterprise level to qualitative program/project execution in specific business and IT domains. We use fast & flexible delivery models, relying on automated value chains and pre-built platforms.

Co-thinking and co-creating with your teams is at the center of our approach. We demonstrate a responsible attitude: we take your strategy to heart, deliver up to promises and make ourselves replaceable. Together, we turn your challenge into an opportunity.

In the past 20 years, we helped hundreds of organizations with their transformation journey.

"The collaboration with AE is particularly stimulating. AE brings us ideas that offer our teams new opportunities. From our side, we ask AE challenging questions, which requires them to think out-of-the-box. It works well together."
Renaat Sohl, Manager Processes & Technology @ E-LLIS 


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