Technology can change and improve people’s lives and impact society as a whole – for the better.

Yes, our fast-changing, digital world presents tons of challenges. But 
what if, by looking at these challenges from a different perspective, you can see all the opportunities they present? Not simply opportunities for growth, but for a higher impact on the lives of your customers. We enable you to meet their needs today and tomorrow by turning your challenges into opportunities.

At AE, our primary focus is you.

No matter your industry, we can help you to fully utilize the power of technology
, organizational structures and your employees to improve your current way of working and to support you in shaping your future.

Adaptability is not a buzzword, it is vital to thrive in a changing business and technological environment. We help you to find the winning combination of people, processes and technology. To enablyou to take a strong position in your ecosystem and in society.

Our services range from business and industry consulting, change management and architecture to software engineering, data and quality assurance. To support your digital transformation, end-to-end whenever needed.

About AE

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Co-thinking and co-creating are at the heart of our approach.

Our culture is one of knowledge sharing, fast learning and continuous improvement.
 Of fostering a community of innovative people and ideas.

By partnering with AE, you get instant access to not only one person or one team working with you every day, but to a collective of 320 highly talented and educated experts. We’ve got more than 20 years of experience and extensive IP build in hundreds of projects.

Our people are passionate about transferring that knowledge to you.

To create value that allows your organization to excel in the digital world,
we go the extra mile, so your challenges become opportunities.

That's our commitment to you. For a better society. For a better life.

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