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Upskill & reskill your digital talent

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Does this sound familiar?

It’s difficult to attract, develop & retain talent in your organisation

Are you facing challenges in attracting, retaining, and developing talent, similar to the 70% of Belgian employers who struggle to find the right match for job openings?

You are not sure which skills will be relevant in the future

Analytical and creative thinking are crucial skills for workers. Are you also anticipating what skills & competences your employees will need to adapt and succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world?

You are dependent on expensive external resources

42% of the expertise & skills an employee performs in his position are only known to him and cannot be filled in by a replacement. Are you looking to become more cost-effective, while simultaneously fostering your in-house knowledge development?

A complete offering to
up- and reskill your digital talent

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Employers estimate that 44% of workers’ skills will be disrupted in the next five years. It’s an eye-opening statistic that highlights the importance of continuous or lifelong learning.

We created an offering that goes beyond mere courses and trainings. We consider other learning methods, formats and development as well, such as the way of working, coaching, learning communities, etc. That way, we can help your organisation on an individual, team, or organisational level.

Inspiration, training & courses

Learning journeys

Bespoke learning solution

Learning organisation & ecosystem

Inspiration, training & courses

In the most basic form, we provide individual inspiration sessions, trainings and courses covering various expertise domains. Your greatest advantage? These courses are given by individuals with day-to-day experience in their respective field.

Learning journeys

We help upskill or reskill your talent with our learning journeys to achieve mastery in several IT roles. This program, which typically takes about 6 to 9 months, is a combination of courses, workshops, self-learning, and coaching. You will frequently interact with both your personal coach and your peers to enable learning from each other and exchange ideas. During this track, which can be personalised to the specific needs of the individual, you are encouraged and supported to apply what you have learned, with your personal coach serving as a sounding board. This combination of theory, interaction, and practice trains both your hard and soft skills.

Bespoke learning solution

We can develop tailor-made learning solutions to meet your specific needs and interests. These solutions will incorporate subject matter content, methods, and frameworks, including those already in place within your organisation, as well as the format of the learning experience.

Learning organisation & ecosystem

We can serve as a strategic partner to foster a culture of continuous learning, help you establish the groundwork to evolve into a learning organisation, and create a comprehensive learning community or ecosystem within your company.

How we can help

To put our methodology into practice, we have several hands-on methods and tools that help you take steps
in up- and reskilling your talent.

Trainings & Workshops

Our training and workshops offer a great opportunity for interactive learning and collaboration. By bringing hands-on experience to the table, we let participants gain practical insights and skills.


Analysis Learning Journey

AE’s Boost your Analysis Skills aims to support those who are or those who strive to become analysts through a combination of training, workshops, hybrid learning, community and coaching, divided into 8 learning modules.

Discover our learning journey


Architecture Learning Journey

AE’s Boost your Architecture Skills aims to support those who are or those who strive to become solution architects through a combination of training, workshops, hybrid learning, community and coaching, divided into 9 learning modules.

Discover our learning journey

Inspiration Sessions

We can inspire and spark new ideas through sessions led by our experts on emerging technologies, business trends, etc. When you're in need of a fresh perspective, we can give you a kickstart.

Bespoke Learning Solution

Our approach to learning involves comprehensive intake conversations, tailored learning activities delivered by experts, dedicated coaching for effective knowledge acquisition, and measurement to ensure learning objectives are realised.

Learning Organisation & Ecosystem

To create a learning organisation we develop a way of working in co-creation, then introduce and strengthen it within your organisation. This includes developing a learning architecture, setting up a community of practice, building a learning culture and establish a link between learning and HR.

What’s in it for you?

Frameworks, plans, tools… they are nice to have, but in the end it’s the results that matter. So, what’s in it for you? What can your organisation expect?

Enhanced competitiveness

By upskilling digital talent, your organisation stays ahead of technological advancements, enabling you to adapt faster and more effectively than competitors.

Increased efficiency & productivity

Digital skills enable teams to work more efficiently and produce higher-quality outcomes. Upskilling digital talent leads to streamlined processes, improved workflows and heightened productivity.

Talent retention & engagement

Investing in upskilling demonstrates a commitment to employee growth and development, fostering loyalty and engagement among digital talent. Employees are more likely to stay with an organisation that invests in their professional advancement.

Why AE? What makes us different?

In-depth knowledge and broad scope

Our profound knowledge and wide scope in various digital domains enable us to offer a variety of learning solutions.

Hands-on expertise

Consultants with day-to-day experience in the field give inspiration sessions, trainings and workshops. Expect real-life examples, not theoretical ones, from people who know their stuff.

A combo of learning & IT

Our offering to upskill and reskill your digital talent is a unique combination that integrates the principles of adult learning with in-depth expertise in both business and technology.

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