Vlaio highlights adore4customs’ innovative use of AI

28 July 2022

Recently, Vlaio highlighted the successful collaboration between long-time partner NDN and adore4customs to automate customs documents flows and harness the power of AI. This underscores our belief in hyperautomation as a future growth driver for industries who, today, still face massive manual document processing.

As the need for digital transformation continues, many SME's start to see the added value of implementing disruptive technologies such as AI in their daily operations. This is also the case for our partner, NDN, who's rapid growth caused them to have troubles keeping up with all incoming demands from clients due to staff shortage.

This encouraged them to look for a smart solution with minimal setup time, easily capable of handling large amount of data and which doesn't force clients to submit information in a certain way. Insert our adore4customs team. 

"NDN is already benefiting from the research work today by using adore4customs. This converts data on documents to data needed for transit documents and supplements data from historical data."

- Bram Vanschoenwinkel, Product Owner adore4customs

Reducing customs processing time to 30 minutes

Data often arrives at NDN unstructured, usually via mail. In them is an explanation of the goods, the quay number, the ship delivering the goods and the request to create a type of document, for example a transit document. The email then contains attachments with information they need to provide for this purpose

With the help of our AI assistant, this information is automatically processed and custom agents immediately see which information is missing or incomplete. Files that used to require ten minutes now take just one minute. Files that used to take three hours to process now take 30 minutes.

As of December last year, NDN team no longer creates transit documents without the software. As Geert Fabri, responsible for the accountancy and IT at NDN, explains: "We are making enormous time savings. What's more, people remain in control of the process. The system indicates the extent to which it has doubts about data and the declaration. Our declarants look at all cases of doubt, complete the documents and make corrections." 


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