Data Quality: The Cradle of Business Efficiency

By Axel Suetens on 22 December 2021

Every year, poor data runs up to an average cost of more than $15 million. This will ultimately increase the complexity of data ecosystems leading to poor decision making. In this blogpost, Axel shares 4 key takeaways to find out if your organization has the proper solution in place to proactively validate the quality of your data.

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AI Powered GDPR Cleaning API

By Gertjan Vanlook on 10 September 2020

GDPR Compliancy

May 25, 2018. This was the date every company and organization had to be GDPR compliant. What we see two years later is that many organizations still struggle to comply with the GDPR rules. Important concepts in the GDPR context are anonymisation and pseudonymisation. As such none of them is mandatory under GDPR. Securing and protecting data however is mandatory, and both anonymisation and pseudonymisation are effective methods to do so and therefore they are strongly recommended.

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