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A Corona crisis plan to ensure business continuity? United we stand!

By Stefanie Fauconnier on 30 March 2020

As the Corona crisis continues to spread, it is clear that no organization will be left unharmed. Ensuring business continuity is therefore high on the agenda for AE and, as we observed over the last few days, for our customers as well. We believe that we must support each other as much as we can to get through this difficult time with only minimal damage. Now more than ever, we must join forces.

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Integrating applications: Bridge the gap with a functional specification

By Stefanie Fauconnier on 03 May 2016

So you need to connect an application to an external system. Developers and IT architects know how to cover the technical side, with for example SOAP web services, REST APIs, or stored procedures. But there is more to integration than just a choice in technology. You also face a functional challenge: the relevant functionalities of multiple applications must seamlessly fit into each other.

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