Optimizing how to realize your business strategy: it all starts at C-level

A project portfolio is more than just an inventory of individual projects. Organizations can apply the principles of ‘value driven transformation’ to obtain a better mix of investments as their business and application landscapes evolve.

What will 2016 mean for your company, business model and your customers?

The world around us is moving at an ever faster pace and disrupting forces for your market are lurking around the corner.

Value Driven Transformation in Belgian Utilities: The entire value chain put to the test

Why does Value Driven Transformation form the biggest challenge for Utilities in Belgium over the next few years? Because every party involved is facing a transformation, spurred by the enormous changes the market is about to face.

Bridging the gap between strategy and execution with Value Driven Transformation

Having a solid, clear strategy is vital if you want to keep your business armed for the future. But having a strategy is just the first step, because it won’t lead anywhere if it’s not supported or properly executed by the people in your organization. That’s where Value Driven Transformation comes in.

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